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Baylor Linebackers and Former Linebackers Abram Smith, Terrell Bernard, and Jalen Pitre Accept Invites to the Senior Bowl

You will get at least one more game to watch these three (and potentially more) play with BU on their helmets.

Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

I meant to do a lot of things on here today (like maybe look at Kansas State, our next opponent?) and did precisely none of them. But I can do this.

The Reese’s Senior Bowl announced three invites and acceptances today to Baylor star players RB Abram Smith and LBs Terrel Bernard and Jalen Pitre. Each of their tweets is below.

Each of these guys is exactly the type that benefits from something like the Senior Bowl. Smith will have had one incredible season to show NFL scouts and needs more facetime and film; they need to see it happen in front of them if they haven’t already. Bernard and Pitre have plenty of film but probably need the testing and to show how coachable they are, since neither has ideal NFL size for their positions. Of the three, I expect Pitre will probably get drafted highest, but I’ve been wrong before and will be again.

Regardless, congrats to all three! I expect they won’t be the last Baylor Bears to be so honored this season.