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Report: Possibility of Baylor Game on 9/19 “Very Slim” as Options Have “All But Been Exhausted.”

David Smoak is reporting that it is extremely unlikely that Baylor will be able to find an opponent and schedule a game next weekend.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Sugar Bowl - Georgia v Baylor

Yesterday, ESPN 1660’s Matt Mosley reported that in his conversation with Head Coach Dave Aranda, Aranda had pegged the odds of scheduling a football game on 9/19 at 50/50. Today, David Smoak of SicEm365Radio is reporting that Baylor’s attempts have “all but been exhausted,” as none of the obvious candidates, a few of which I detailed earlier this week, appear possible at this time. Smoak says Baylor is still working on a few less-obvious candidates, but reading the tea leaves here, it seems like all signs point to no game next week.

It’s unclear at this time when or if Baylor would attempt to make up the postponed Louisiana Tech game considering that mutual open dates until December 12, when Baylor hopes it would be playing in the Big 12 Championship. If I were a betting man, I’d say that game will end up not happening at all, leaving the Bears with just 9 games on this year’s schedule, all of which will be against conference opponents.

As it currently stands, Baylor’s season will begin on 9/26 against Kansas at McLane Stadium.