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Single-Digit Jersey Update: Senior Verkedric Vaughns is #1

That just leaves #2 unannounced, but there’s a rumor going around about that one...

NCAA Football: Big 12 Media Day Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get started, going into today, Baylor had announced 7 of the 9 single-digit numbers (0 not being available for these purposes, I guess) with only #1 and #2 left over. The assignments were:

  1. None
  2. None
  3. S Chris Miller
  4. CB Grayland Arnold
  5. WR Jalen Hurd
  6. RB JaMycal Hasty
  7. RB John Lovett
  8. LB Henry Black
  9. DL Ira Lewis

That’s all well and good. But now we know who #1 will be, and it’s a 4-year contributor that has been through a lot since he got here in S Verkedric Vaughns. Here’s the announcement:

Now Seymour, you ask, what’s up with #2? What’s going on there? Short version: I don’t know. Longer version: there are several possibilities.

  • It could have been awarded to an offensive lineman that can’t wear it in a game.
  • It was awarded to someone that wanted to keep their original number.
  • It won’t be awarded.
  • It hasn’t been awarded yet.

It’s not completely implausible that it would have been awarded and we just don’t know; we didn’t know about Vaughns until last night. So that’s still out there. The rumor around the boards, though, is that it won’t be awarded and will be a sort of roving assignment throughout the season. I don’t know why that would be the case or what the intention would be since it appears a departure from past practice.

If it’s either of the first two options, I think we’d find out about that eventually through the normal course of media availabilities and what-not.

Briefly, Baylor announced last night that DL Micheal Johnson had been dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules. We don’t know what that means, but the indications I’ve read other places are that it is not related to any allegations of sexual assault or the like.

I’ve got a student intern watching the chimneys of the Highers complex* waiting for white or black smoke so we know who our starting QB will be tomorrow, but so far there is no indication. When we know more, you’ll know more.

*NOTE: I do not actually have a student intern watching the Highers complex, nor do I think it even has chimneys that could be watched.