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Baylor Bears 2018 Football Season


A year ago we had one win. This year we had six. That’s a 500% increase!

Baylor vs. Texas Tech Game Thread: The BU-TT Bowl Cometh

Hey now, it’s a game thread, get your game on, go ... watch?

PODCAST: It’s BU-TT Bowl Time!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Coffey, Fank, & Pope bring you a Thanksgiving podcast of BUTT proportions! We’re recapping the butt that was the TCU game and the BU-TT to come!

Baylor Opens Seven Point Underdog Against Texas Tech

We’re underdogs

Facebook Live: Reacting to the TCU Debacle

Some takes

Offensive Disaster: Baylor Loses to TCU 16-9

This was not good

Baylor-TCU Game Thread; Facebook Live After the Game

Sic ‘Em!

PODCAST! The Revivalry Returns

Coffey rejoins Fank and Peter to discuss the Iowa State game, officiating, and looking ahead to the TCU Blackout game on Saturday!

Baylor Opens 4.5 Point Favorite Against TCU; Game is at 11:00

Sic ‘Em!

Baylor Falls to Iowa State 28-14

A late run couldn’t make up the difference

Baylor-Iowa State Game Thread

Sic ‘Em!

Baylor-Iowa State: How to Watch and Uniforms

Sic ‘Em!

Podcast!! Sailor Bear, Don't Care

Fank and Peter recap the come-from-behind Homecoming victory over Oklahoma State then look ahead to a challenging matchup against Iowa State in Ames on Saturday

Iowa State Opens 14.5 Point Favorite Against Baylor

Maybe a little high, but also understandable

Baylor-Iowa State Set for 2:30 Saturday

That’s the time

Baylor-Oklahoma State Predictions

Charlie Brewer Cleared Against Oklahoma State

He passed the concussion protocol

Podcast: Fun Talk and Oklahoma State!

We spend exactly 5:30 seconds recapping West Virginia before moving on to some fun topics and looking ahead to the Homecoming game against Oklahoma State

Baylor-Oklahoma State: How to Watch

Sic ‘Em!

Tales from Morgantown

Everything about not the game.

Baylor-West Virginia Predictions

Prove us wrong!

PODCAST! Thursday Night Showdown with West Virginia

The fellas are back to break down West Virginia in Morgantown on a Thursday night. Will the Bears be ready?

Baylor-West Virginia: How to Watch

Sic ‘Em!

Baylor Opens 14 Point Underdog at West Virginia

Shock the world!

Baylor Falls to Texas 23-17

A few costly mistakes and rough officiating cost the Bears

Baylor-Texas Game Thread

Sic ‘Em!

Baylor-Texas Predictions

Prove us wrong, please!

Podcast! Have you Hurd? Baylor is 4-2!

The list of "goods" is getting longer, and while the "bads" may be fewer in number, they are no less glaring. We’re recapping K-State and looking at Texas on this week’s podcast!

Baylor’s Currently a 14 Point Underdog Against Texas

Matt Rhule Unleashed Sqwirl Perfectly

He was huge today and could still not even burn a season of eligibility

Baylor Beats Kansas State 37-34

Connor Martin was money when it mattered!

Baylor-Kansas State Game Thread

Sic ‘Em!