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ODB Staff Predictions for 2016 Season

Who claims a spot in the College Football Playoff and who takes home the title? We put our picks on the line.

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Tonight marks the official beginning of a brand new season in college football as Cal and Hawaii open up with a game in Sydney, Australia. To celebrate, we got a seven person panel together of the ODB staff to predict how the 2016 college football season would play out on a national level. As someone who picked Auburn to win the national championship last year, I can tell you that everyone that participated knows exactly what he is talking about and should be viewed as nothing other than an esteemed expert.

College Football Playoff

Contributor Rk Team
Mark Seymour 1 Alabama Clem
2 Clemson
3 Ohio State
Peter Pope 1 Oklahoma Bama
2 Alabama
3 Clemson
4 Ohio State
Kendall Kaut 1 Florida State Fsu
2 Oklahoma
3 Stanford
4 Tennessee
David Fankhauser 1 Clemson Clem
4 Notre Dame
Matt Wilson 1 Clemson Bama
2 Alabama
3 Oklahoma
4 Houston
Matthew Tennant 1 Oklahoma Okla
2 Florida State
4 Alabama
Matt McBrayer 1 Oklahoma Clem
2 Clemson
3 Stanford
4 Michigan

Conference Championships


Championship Game: Clemson over North Carolina
Atlantic Division: Clemson (5), Florida State (2)
Coastal Division: North Carolina (3), Pittsburgh (2), Miami (1), Virginia Tech (1)

Big 12

Champion: Oklahoma
Total: Oklahoma (6), TCU (1)

Big Ten

Championship Game: Ohio State over Nebraska
East Division: Ohio State (4), Michigan (3)
West Division: Nebraska (3), Iowa (2), Minnesota (1), Wisconsin (1)


Championship Game: Stanford over UCLA
North Division: Stanford (5), Oregon (1), Washington (1)
South Division: UCLA (4), USC (3)


Championship Game: Alabama over Tennessee
East Division: Tennessee (4), Florida (2), Georgia (1)
West Division: Alabama (4), LSU (3)

Group of 5

Representative: Houston
Total: Houston (5), Boise State (1), San Diego State (1)