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OurDailyBears #ItsOnUs Bowl Pledge to Help End Sexual Assault

How much can we raise to help end sexual assault on campuses?

Kansas State v Baylor Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If you’ve been on ODB (or any SB Nation site, really) for just about any amount of time or have attended a Baylor Football game this season, you’re probably aware of the #ItsOnUs campaign to help stop sexual assault from occurring. It’s a nationwide campaign that Baylor University joined through its Title IX department, and that you can find out more about by visiting the webpage at

This morning, one of our followers on Twitter, @hoverlawyer, put out a challenge that I am only too glad to pick up on behalf of Our Daily Bears, this website that we all love so much. Hoverlawyer committed himself, and I have committed to match, $10 in donations for every point scored by Baylor in its bowl game, assuming Baylor ultimately decides to accept a bid and go. In case it doesn’t, I’ll just assume we would have scored about 30 points and give $300. Here’s my tweet about it:

If you would like to join @hoverlawyer and I in this pledge, our intention was to use the donation page at to make the ultimate donation, and you should feel free to do so. I’ve already seen a couple of different people make the pledge on Twitter, and I invite the rest of our community to donate as you see fit! Let’s do everything we can to help stop sexual assault!