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2015 Baylor Football Tailgate Preview

Hey guys! This year I’ll be checking out the tailgating and sailgating scene at all of the Baylor home games and reporting back each week. This week I’ll give a quick rundown of your tailgating options and other random tidbits of information you might find helpful.

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys!  This year I’ll be checking out the tailgating and sailgating scene at all of the Baylor home games and reporting back each week.  This week I’ll give a quick rundown of your tailgating options and other random tidbits of information you might find helpful.

Last year’s tailgating and sailgating scene was pretty amazing!   I mean, c’mon.  We all knew it would be pretty cool, but did any of you really think it’d be that cool?!

People are writing articles about it:

The Sailgate Life
Tailgating, sailgating make McLane Stadium experience something special

We even made the Aggies so jealous they’re building a "lake or large pond" near Kyle Field.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

First of all, even if you don’t have an actual tailgate spot, you have to show up for the game a few hours early to check out what’s going on.  It’s worth the 100 degree heat and possible rainstorms.  I can’t advise you where to park, and I can’t guarantee you won’t be miserable on your walk over to the stadium, but I promise once you’re standing on the banks of the Brazos with an ice cold beverage, you’ll be ready for the party!

If you do have a tailgate spot, I bet your kids are already looking forward to inheriting that thing!  I know I’m never letting go of mine.  It’s pretty much awesome!

Either way, here’s some info on what all goes down outside the stadium on game day!


I expect this year’s tailgating scene to be even better than last year.  For the first year, it was great.  I saw some sweet setups, but we’re not rookies anymore.  It seems like people tended to stay in their own spots last year, but I think there will be more exploring going on this year.  The weather put a damper on a few tailgates that probably contributed to this.

"All Inclusive" Tailgating is a Thing

Southern Traditions, an SEC heavy "all inclusive" tailgating provider, now offers packages from starting at $2,800 up to $11,250 for Baylor fans.  It looks like POW! Tailgating has also expanded to Baylor, and they’re pretty much booked for the season.  So, that’s cool.

Touchdown Alley

Touchdown Alley is the official pre-game area of Baylor football.  It opens three hours before the game and is worth checking out.  The Baylor Alumni Network Tailgate sets up there, and you’ll find a ton of things like the ESPN 1660AM Central Texas pre-game show, John Morris’s pre-game radio show, and a live broadcast by KWTX.  There will be plenty of former Baylor players making appearances and free Fuddruckers.  I think it’s cool that it’s on the old Floyd Casey turf field.  They also have TVs if you need to catch a score from other games going on and inflatable games and a climbing wall for the kids.

Bear Walk

The Bear Walk is a must-do, especially if you have baby Bears.  I was giddy like a small child when I got a high five from Briles last year.  It starts next to Touchdown Alley about 2 ½ to 3 hours before kickoff.  Fans line up on both sides of the pedestrian bridge and cheer for the players and coaches as they walk to the stadium.

Baylor Alumni Network Tailgate

As mentioned previously, the Alumni Network Tailgate is really part of Baylor’s Touchdown Alley.  I think I covered everything above.  It’s a good starting point of you don’t have your own tailgate spot.

George’s Party Zone

If you’re a Bear, I don’t have to explain George’s tent to you.  It’s like a mini-reunion every weekend in that thing. Beer, burgers, crazy wings, TVs.  Basically, just go.

Lone Star Tailgate

The Texas Sports Hall of Fame is bringing back the Lone Star Tailgate..  They’ll have live music, guest speakers, food and games for the kids.


We all know sailgating is basically the coolest thing ever.  It’s really unique.  I loved watching all of the people on boats this year, and can’t wait to see how many more there are this year.

If you’re thinking about renting a kayak or paddleboard to get in on the sailgating action, I hate to break it to you, but Bicycle World (formerly Outdoor Waco) won’t rent on game days due to the potential danger. Womp.

If you really want to get in on the action, I suggest borrowing or renting a boat.   I know Waco River Charters is an option if you want a huge boat.


Tailgate Gear & Decor

Tailgate Giant has a lot of Baylor tailgating gear.

Baylor girls, I’m sure you’ll help decorate your tailgate spot.  You can find a ton of inspiration on Pinterest, of course.

Baylor’s Bookstore also has a ton of tailgate related merchandise if you’d like to decorate your spot.

Current Students

My perspective is from a 30-something alumna, so if you’re lucky enough to still be in college, first of all, I’m jealous, and the Baylor Student Gameday site can probably help you out.

It’s a Short Week!

Since Monday was a holiday, you only have to survive four work days before the first game and tailgate of the season.  I hope you’re as excited as I am for this football season.  If you have a tailgate you’d like to show off, mention it in the comments and I’ll try to make my way by.  Also comment with anything I might have missed!  You can also check out Baylor’s Tailgating Guidelines for more a little more information and FAQs.