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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Three

BYE: Crushed, Ponies are for real, and Coach Monty tore up OU's defense...again.

When mom made pizza, but your bro ate it.
When mom made pizza, but your bro ate it.
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Your favorite ursine-named team did not play this week. Perhaps, looking at what happened around the country, that was a good thing. Despite some serious scares (looking at you, Kansas State) and some inexplicably bad happenings (coughTexascough), the week was overall pretty good for the Big 12. Let's see how that shakes out in the rankings.

For comparison, here are last week's rankings.

1. Baylor Bears (+0)

Didn't play this week. We now have a common opponent between Baylor and TCU and y'all know who did better there.

2. TCU Horned Frogs (+0)

SMU gave the Frog defense fits all game. In a game much closer than the final score makes it appear to be, the Ponies racked up 500+ yards and 31 points with their new offense. I'll say it now: SMU is legit and Chad Morris is a wizard. Please don't go to Texas, Coach. Back to TCU, I was impressed with their offense for the most part, but that injury-ridden defense is a huge concern for me and it's why I have the Frogs at number two once again. Oh, and that super important Power 5 OoC opponent Minnesota? They beat Kent State 10-7. At home.

3. Oklahoma Sooners (+0)

Coach Monty got his first taste of defeat as a head coach for the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes. But he and his team did not go quietly into that good night afternoon. No, the Canes put up a whopping 603 yards of offense (though they gave up 773) in a barn burner of a game. Oklahoma was certainly good enough to win this game and they pulled away in the end, but I would not be able to look at this result and not worry about playing Baylor down the line.

4. West Virginia Mountaineers (+0)

'Eers didn't play this week and I don't have cause to move their ranking.

5. Texas Tech Red Raiders (+1)

Tech beat Arkansas in Arkansas. Yes, Toledo also beat Arkansas in Arkansas, but it's still an impressive early season win for the Raiders. Although their defense is still not great (especially the run defense), Tech's offense is good enough to give every team in the Big 12 fits this year. They legitimately could beat TCU in Lubbock this week. Coach Kliff has his boys rolling right now.

6. Oklahoma State Cowboys (+1)

The Okies welcomed the UTSA Roadrunners to the beautiful Stillwater, where they thoroughly decimated them. Putting up 69 points (nice) and only allowing 14, the Cowboys seem to have clicked after struggling earlier in the year. That being said, they haven't played a non-"Insert Direction/City and State Here" school yet, so I can't put them up too high just yet.

7. Kansas State Wildcats (-2)

Uh...Three overtimes to beat Louisiana Tech? Still, I never bet against Snyder,

8. Texas Longhorns (-1)

Losing on a missed extra point in the same week as firing your AD? Yup, that's Texas football. The Horns are no doubt getting better on offense, though that defense is still a mess. Still, the resolve they showed by coming down from 21 points in the forth to almost win is encouraging.

9. Iowa St. Cyclones (+0)

Lost at Toledo in overtime. That's all you need to know.

10. Kansas Jayhawks (+0)

Mercifully, the Jayhawks did not play this week.