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Watching the Polls: Baylor Rises to #4 in Coaches Poll, Stays #5 in AP Poll

Every time I think the Coaches Poll might actually start making sense, they do something stupid like leaving Mizzou and Auburn in there despite horrendous games yesterday.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The latest post-Week 3 rankings are starting to trickle out, led by the Coaches Poll.  By virtue of Alabama's loss last night, Baylor actually gained a spot from last week and is now ranked #4 behind #1 Ohio State, #2 TCU (who jumped into Alabama's spot), and #3 Michigan State.  That's just the Coaches Poll, though.  You can see it in its entirety on the Mothership or below:

AP Coaches Massey
1 Ohio State (42) Ohio State (61) Ohio State
2 Michigan State (7) TCU Alabama
3 TCU (tie) Michigan State (3) Georgia
4 Ole Miss (tie) (11) Baylor Ole Miss
5 Baylor Ole Miss Michigan State
6 Notre Dame Georgia TCU
7 Georgia Florida State Baylor
8 LSU (1) Notre Dame Florida State
10 Florida State Clemson LSU
11 Clemson UCLA Notre Dame
12 Alabama Alabama Georgia Tech
13 Oregon Oregon Clemson
14 Texas A&M Oklahoma Oklahoma
15 Oklahoma Texas A&M Texas A&M
16 Arizona Arizona Oregon
17 Northwestern Utah USC
18 Utah USC Stanford
19 USC Northwestern Arizona
20 Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Utah
21 Stanford Wisconsin Wisconsin
22 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Northwestern
23 BYU Missouri Kansas State
24 Oklahoma State Stanford BYU
25 Missouri Auburn West Virginia

As I mentioned in the header to this post, it's simply unbelievable to me that Missouri and Auburn (particularly Auburn) continue to be ranked despite everything that has happened so far this season.  Look at Auburn's results: in the first game, they squeaked by a now 0-3 Louisville team.  In the second, they squeaked by FCS Jacksonville State at home.  Then yesterday, they were obliterated by LSU.  Aside from rankings inertia (the over-reliance on previous rankings regardless of contrary evidence), why would anyone think they're a Top 25 team at this point?

As far as the Big 12 goes, we remain at 4 teams in the Polls with West Virginia just outside (at #26).  That should be 5, at least, and you could make an argument for 6 with Texas Tech rising, as well.  Shoot, Kansas State is also up there in the Also Receiving Votes category.

UPDATE: Georgia DID NOT jump us in the AP Poll, but Ole Miss did! We're still fifth.