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Baylor's First Bye Week -- The Morning After -- Links/Notes/Tweets

So we made it through Baylor's first bye week of the 2015 season and won't have to deal with another for more than a month. Thank God for that. But even though we didn't play, others did. Boy, did they play.

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Recapping Yesterday

Without a Baylor game to talk about, we don't have highlights, stats, players of the game, plays of the game, etc.  Basically, most of the normal features of this post are unavailable, and we have to make due. Let's hit the Top 10:

#1 Ohio State Buckeyes -- Looked surprisingly mortal against a NIU team that may or may not understand how to play offense on a very basic level.  Ohio State's allegedly historically explosive offense was bottled up for all or nearly all of the game, and for the second time this season, Cardale Jones struggled throwing the ball.  He was replaced by last year's starter, J.T. Barrett, in the second quarter, and Barrett played the rest of the way.

#2 Alabama Crimson Tide -- Lost a crazy game to Ole Miss at home by the score of 43-37. It seemed like most observers thought Alabama actually played better than Ole Miss through most of the game, up to the point where Ole Miss scored 13 points in a row to go up 43-24 before Alabama stormed back.  We're already seeing many people overreact to this game by pushing Ole Miss up significantly from #16, but that was a given.

#3 TCU Horned Frogs -- Don't let the final score fool you-- TCU was hardly dominant in their 56-37 win over SMU. After suffering yet another season-ending injury to a defensive starter (this time, CB Ranthony Texada), TCU's defense struggled, giving up more than 500 yards of total offense to Matt Davis and company and allowing SMU to close to 42-37 at one point in the second half.  For the sake of inevitable comparison, Baylor gave up 366 total yards to the Mustangs two weeks ago and held them scoreless after the half.  Recognizing that Matt Davis is legit as a poor man's Johnny Manziel, TCU could have real problems on defense, you guys.

#4 Michigan State -- Beat Air Force by 14 in a game that I'm told didn't help MSU, but didn't hurt them, either.

#6 USC Trojans -- Lost to Stanford, who had previously looked atrocious losing to Northwestern.  A trendy pick to win the Pac 12, the Trojans have little margin for error now.

#7 Georgia Bulldogs -- Crushed South Carolina and may be the best team in the SEC at this point.  I'm still not sold on Ole Miss, their win last night notwithstanding.

#8 Notre Dame Fighting Irish -- Beat #14 Georgia Tech 30-22 in a game that apparently wasn't that close. I really thought they'd lose that game, but DeShone Kizer showed up in a big way.

#9 Florida State Seminoles -- Beat BC 14-0 in that weird Friday night game.  I don't trust Everett Golson at all.

#10 UCLA Bruins -- Came back to put a halt to BYU's magic despite Josh Rosen throwing 15 interceptions (or something).  They'll go up.

Another big game that is worth mentioning is LSU's 45-21 destruction of Auburn.  Or, as I should say, Leonard Fournette's destruction of Auburn. LSU was #13, but they'll jump up.

As a result of all that, and knowing the Coaches' Poll is already out (see below) today, here's my top 10:

1. Ohio State (assuming they start Barrett)
2. Michigan State
3. Baylor
4. Georgia
5. Ole Miss
6. TCU
7. LSU
8. Notre Dame
10. Alabama? FSU? Clemson?

I'm just shooting from the hip here.


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So that's about it ...


I honestly don't know what this means. Is the game still a possibility? I thought Ian said no. Stay tuned for the rankings post in a few minutes, everyone!