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Baylor TE Tre'Von Armstead Dismissed From Football Team

Looks like the Bears will be without an underrated, yet important, part of their offense after another Friday news drop.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Those of you who follow team news on the blog closely will recall that TE Tre'Von Armstead, who was expected to be a big part of Baylor's offense this coming season as a blocker and pass-catcher, sat out the Lamar game this past weekend for undisclosed rules violations.  Earlier this week, Baylor coach Art Briles told the media that he "hoped" Armstead might come back for Rice, but that he wasn't really sure, and that they they were "just looking into it."

Apparently, they didn't like what they found, whatever it was.

There's a lot of things this could potentially be, and since I don't have any information whatsoever to give you, I won't speculate.  Instead, I will wait for more information to come out as it inevitably does in these types of situations and update the post at that point.

Really tired of getting these Friday news dumps about player discipline, though.  That's for sure.