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Tweets on a Wednesday -- Baylor Football Bye Week Updates

So ... not a lot going on today EXCEPT FOR THESE JUICY UPDATES.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people wondered where TE Tre'Von Armstead was for last week's game against Lamar.  Wonder no more!

He was suspended, apparently, although strangely enough, we didn't hear about it.  If anybody official knows why, they're not sharing much.  The idea that Briles "hopes" to have him back gives me some pause, though, since you would expect that if anybody could say for sure, it would be Briles. One more...

Strange.  Makes me wonder if there's something else going on there.

Another juicy tidbit about something prevalent on people's minds!  This two-week period with the bye could be critical for Burt, a senior that has started each of the last three years.  He was pulled from Saturday's game due to what Briles (or Bennett, I can't remember) called "flow," which I can only assume has something to do with performance.

How this shakes out will be something to watch, for sure.

That's not good news, but it's not unexpected after he left last game, either.  Best of luck to Chafin as he tries to get back on the field!

A couple of those teams could be picking towards the end of the first round (New England, Green Bay), but most should be pretty high.  Particularly Cleveland, since I think they get a top-10 pick every year out of some archaic law.

Just posting this one because I am 100% ON THE TWILL 2.0 TRAIN!

Finally, in case you want something to listen to this evening/tomorrow:

Have a good evening, everybody!