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Big 12 Power Rankings: Preseason Edition

Football is happening THIS WEEK!

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Much like last year, I will be power ranking the Big 12 in a weekly post (most likely will occur on Mondays, like last year). If you remember from last year, these rankings can range from fairly standard to rather sassy depending on my mood and what happened in the past weekend. I try to have fun with it and make it enjoyable to read.

Additionally, starting in Week 8 (or whenever those bozos in the CFP committee start rankings), I'll post my Top 4 and Top 10. I try to do a prediction for the Top 4 so that it is the four that'll make the playoffs, not the best four at the moment. Needless to say, I am waiting a while for that section of the rankings because I don't know the teams outside the Big 12 as well and I think it is silly to rank teams so early in the season.

Now, to rank teams before the season even starts!

1. Baylor Bears

Some bias, yes. Okay, a lot of bias. But I also think this has the potential to be the best Baylor team yet. The defense is looking better (cornerbacks are turning their heads!) and any doubts that exist surrounding Scotty Too Hotty should be assuaged soon enough. Unfortunately, we will not know how Baylor will fare against the upper tier of the Big 12 until November, but I am confident in putting them in first right now.

2. TCU Horned Frogs

Boykin is really, really good. The quasi-Big 12 "co-"champions lost a good number of players on defense, but Ol' Pat should have his boys ready to go. November 27th is going to be a barn burner. TCU could easily be number one on this list.

3. Oklahoma Sooners

Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. Samaje Perine. No quarterback yet, but Samaje Perine.

4. Oklahoma State Cowboys

The popular "dark horse" pick, the Okie aggys could make waves in the Big 12. If not, they can always play spoiler (*sobs*). Mason Rudolph is dangerous and they get TCU, Baylor, and OU at home. Okie State well could win the Big 12 this year. Or they could flop like last year...

5. Kansas State Wildcats

Only a fool picks against The Wizard of Manhattan. Yes, KSU does not appear to have much talent this year, but they, like OSU, get TCU, Baylor, and OU at home. The fifth slot might be high, but I'm not going to bet against Snyder.

6. (tie) West Virginia Mountaineers / Texas Longhorns

Texas pretty much has no offense (again), but their defense should be even better than last year (maybe). Surprisingly, WVU will also have a good defense, but they lost their quarterback and the top two wideouts. Neither team has a favorable schedule against the big guns either, playing all three games on the road or at a neutral site. Texas also has the opener at Notre Dame to contend with. As of right now, I'd give the slight edge to the 'Eers.

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Great offense. Horrid defense. Maybe they can get revenge against TCU? Coach Bro's seat is hot and I don't see the situation getting any better.

9. Kansas Jayhawks

The 'Hawks at least have hope with their new coach, something Iowa State does not.

10. Iowa State Cyclones

At least they get Kansas at home?

That's it for now. Sic SMU!