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Baylor #4 in AP Poll, Highest Preseason Ranking Ever

The Baylor Bears get their highest ever preseason ranking in the AP Poll, coming in at #4.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The official preseason AP poll is out, and the Baylor Bears has its highest ranking in program history for the inaugural poll of the season. The Bears are fourth in the preseason poll, coming in behind unanimous #1 Ohio State, TCU, and Alabama. Michigan State rounds out the Top 5 of the poll.

Baylor's place in this poll matches their Coaches Poll ranking, which came out several weeks ago. While the polls have no official bearing on standings for the College Football Playoff and the usefulness of a preseason poll is the subject of much debate, the Bears landing in the #4 spot in a preseason poll is a vote of confidence in the strength of the program despite the fact that Briles and Company lost its star quarterback. It's some very good news for this program heading into the final two weeks of preparation for SMU on September 4th.

Here are the remaining teams in the top 25, courtesy of The Mothership.

Ranking Team First-place votes
1 Ohio State 61
2 TCU 0
3 Alabama 0
4 Baylor 0
5 Michigan State 0
6 Auburn 0
7 Oregon 0
8 USC 0
9 Georgia 0
10 Florida State 0
11 Notre Dame 0
12 Clemson 0
13 UCLA 0
14 LSU 0
15 Arizona State 0
16 Georgia Tech 0
17 Ole Miss 0
18 Arkansas 0
19 Oklahoma 0
20 Wisconsin 0
21 Stanford 0
22 Arizona 0
23 Boise State 0
24 Missouri 0
25 Tennessee 0