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Thoughts, Stats on Baylor's First Scrimmage of 2015 #CampBU

Baylor held its first scrimmage of the new season this morning in an affair that was closed to media and the public. But because it was a scrimmage, not a practice, we have stats!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get going, recall how Baylor (and most teams) conducts its scrimmages: for the most part, each first team faces the corresponding second team, the threes go against the threes, and true 1v1 action is relatively limited.  In addition to (I assume) keeping players healthy by limiting full-contact 1v1 action, this setup distorts stats in virtually every direction.  Our second offense doesn't look nearly as good as it might, for example, facing off against Oakman, Billings, and the first-team defense.  Likewise, the second defense looks horrific against Russell, Coleman, and the 1s on offense.  It's just something to keep in mind when perusing the results.

Also, because we don't have play-by-play information or first-hand accounts from anyone there (because it was a closed scrimmage), we can't be 100% about depth charts, who passed to whom, etc.  That's something else to keep in mind.

All stats courtesy of the official wrap-up on

PASSING (Cmp-Att-Yds-TD-Int)
Seth Russell - 17-21, 233 yards, 3 TD; Jarrett Stidham - 3-6, 31 yards; Zack Bennema - 2-7, 8 yards; Chris Johnson - 0-6.

  • According to @BUFootball, Russell responded to his critics with an impressive 9/9 start for 175 yards and 2 TDs to Coleman and Armstead.  He then went 8/12 the rest of the way, and I'm sure we'll get at least a couple of fanposts about his struggles.
  • It appears that Stidham and Johnson split time with the 2nd team, and though neither had a phenomenal day, Johnson clearly came out worse in the final accounting.  As I said, however, they were going up against a first-team defense that  ~8-10 tackles for loss, ~5 pass breakups, and ~5 sacks.
  • Seriously, Russell was 17/21 for 233 yards and 3 TDs.  If that doesn't quiet the critics somewhat, I don't know what will.  It sounds like Briles was pleased, based on his quotes praising Russell's progression over the last few days and the resulting confidence.  The accuracy numbers are particularly impressive, as is the fact that he threw no interceptions.

Terence Williams 5-31; JaMycal Hasty 8-25; Johnny Jefferson 4-21; Seth Russell 6-19; Devin Chafin 5-12; Wyatt Schrepfer 7-9; Zack Bennema 1-(-4); Jarrett Stidham 8-(-5); Chris Johnson 5-(-10).

  • This is where guesswork comes back to haunt you when we can't be sure who played with whom among the RBs.  We can be pretty sure that Chafin and Jefferson ran with the 1s since Shock didn't log any stats (I don't know why), but beyond that...
  • JaMycal Hasty has reportedly been one of the more impressive freshmen in camp so far, and he got the most carries today out of any of the RBs.  I'm still fairly sure he'll redshirt, but it's worth watching.
  • Were I to guess, I'd say Chafin/Jefferson ran with the 1s, Williams/Hasty with the 2s, and Schrepfer with the 3s.

Corey Coleman - 4-102, TD; Tre'Von Armstead - 3-60, TD; Chris Platt - 1-23; Lynx Hawthorne - 3-18; LaQuan McGowan - 1-13; KD Cannon - 2-12; Ishmael Zamora - 1-11; Jay Lee - 2-9, TD; Davion Hall - 1-8; Trevor White - 1-4; Terence Williams - 1-4; Gus Penning - 1-4.

  • Coleman broke out of the gates early in the scrimmage with a 77-yard TD bomb from Russell that I wish we were able to see.  But alas, unless Baylor snapped or Insta'd a video of it, we're out of luck. 
  • The big number here that I like is Armstead's.  He had 3 catches for 60 yards, including an 18-yard TD.  That may be the most catches by a TE in any scrimmage I can remember.
  • Of 43 passes attempted by the 4 QBs, I count 6 that went to TEs or RBs.  That may not be a huge number (it's only 14%), but it's still more than we're used to.
  • The rest of the WRs were relatively subdued in their numbers, including Cannon's 2 for 12 and Lee's 2 for 9.  Don't read much into that; we know what they can do.

Let's hit all the defensive stats together:

TACKLES (Solo-Assisted-Total):
Taion Sells (7-2-9), Raaquan Davis (3-2-5), Alfred Pullom (4-1-5), Taylor Young (4-0-4), Chance Waz (4-0-4), Terrence Singleton (4-0-4), Patrick Levels (2-2-4), Aiavion Edwards (2-1-3), Lenoy Jones Jr. (3-0-3), Brian Nance (2-1-3), Shawn Oakman (2-0-2), Grant Campbell (2-0-2), Xavien Howard (2-0-2), Jordan Williams (2-0-2), Eric Ogor (0-2-2), Andrew Morris (0-1-1), Travon Blanchard (1-0-1), Greg Roberts (1-0-1), Ryan Reid (1-0-1), Tion Wright (1-0-1), Verkedric Vaughns (0-1-1), Xavier Jones (0-1-1), Clay Johnston (0-1-1), Ross Matiscik (1-0-1).

Taylor Young (2), Travon Blanchard (1), K.J. Smith (1), Andrew Billings (1), Jamal Palmer (1), Beau Blackshear (1), Xavier Jones (1), Shawn Oakman (1), Patrick Levels (1), Aiavion Edwards (1).

SACKS (Total-Yards Lost):
Travon Blanchard (1-6 yards), Jamal Palmer (1-6 yards), Beau Blackshear (1- 6 yards), Patrick Levels (1-6 yards), Xavier Jones (1- 4 yards), Aiavion Edwards (1- 4 yards), Andrew Billings (1-3 yards).

  • I see you in there, Eric Ogor.  The true freshman has been rumored as one of the most-likely candidates to get playing time this year along with J.W. Ketchum (who apparently did not play today?). 
  • Sells continues to come on strong from the safety position and led the entire team with 9 tackles.  Did Burt and/or Stewart not play?  Neither logged any stats, but I suppose that's entirely possible given how the defense played in front of them.
  • Jamal Palmer is back and reportedly looks absolutely fantastic.  He's bulked up a bit since we saw him last, weighing in now at around 250 pounds.  He should start opposite Oakman, but he may split time with K.J. Smith.
  • I've decided that Taylor Young is a ball-hawking bowling ball trained to wreak havoc from the LB position.

That's about it from today's scrimmage.  All-in-all, it sounds like things went about as well as we could have possibly hoped.  Both first-team units dominated their counterparts, as they should have been expected to do.  I have a few questions about why certain players apparently didn't play, but we have no reason to believe at this point that there were any major injuries.

I didn't copy over the quotes from Briles, Russell, or Blanchard, which gives me another chance for a plug so you can go over and check them out.