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Watching the Polls: Baylor Drops to Third, Fourth in Coaches, AP Polls

I can't really blame the Coaches Poll for putting Clemson above us. They're gooood.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor got the win in Manhattan on Thursday night, maintaining their undefeated status for yet another week. With so many undefeated teams going down on Saturday, the win is especially important. Then again, with Alabama and Notre Dame being ranked ahead of Baylor last Tuesday, maybe a loss isn't bad?

AP Coaches S&P+ Massey
1 Clemson (31) Ohio State (34) Clemson Clemson
2 Ohio State (26) Clemson (21) Alabama Alabama
3 Alabama (2) Baylor (5) Michigan Ohio State
4 Baylor (2) Alabama (3) Ohio State Notre Dame
5 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma LSU
6 Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Stanford
7 Stanford Stanford Baylor Baylor
8 Iowa Iowa LSU Oklahoma State
9 LSU LSU Florida Oklahoma
10 Utah Florida USC Iowa
11 Florida Oklahoma Florida State Florida
12 Oklahoma TCU Ole Miss TCU
13 TCU Utah TCU Utah
14 Michigan State Michigan State Stanford Michigan
15 Michigan Michigan West Virginia Michigan State
16 Houston Houston Oklahoma State USC
17 North Carolina North Carolina Navy North Carolina
18 UCLA Florida State (T-18) NC State Navy
19 Florida State UCLA (T-18) UCLA Mississippi State
20 Mississippi State Mississippi State Iowa Houston
21 Temple Temple Washington Ole Miss
22 Navy Wisconsin Mississippi State Florida State
23 Wisconsin Navy Western Kentucky Wisconsin
24 Northwestern Northwestern Utah UCLA
25 Memphis Memphis Bowling Green Memphis

The first thing you'll notice about the Coaches Poll is that Oklahoma State jumped up significantly with their dominating win over the Horned Frogs. While they do have a good number narrow wins over less-than-stellar teams, they have the most impressive win in the Big 12 by a large margin, so I would not necessarily be surprised to see them ranked above Baylor on Tuesday. Looking further down the table, I don't really understand having Mississippi State ranked so highly, but I guess that SEC schedule is really grueling. Anyway, the Coaches Poll really has no effect on anything, especially now that we're getting weekly Playoff Committee updates (have to get E$PN money somehow!). The AP Poll is more or less the same.  Houston, the only undefeated G5 team, is moving up steadily. Go Coogs. Bama moves up after an impressive win against a one-dimensional LSU offense. The Tide are spotted a loss, it seems...

Just keep winning and be #ReadyForOU.