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Baylor is #10 in the latest College Football Playoff Rankings

Because logical consistency isn't a thing anymore, but quality losses are!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So I wasn't going to do a post on this tonight for what I think are pretty obvious reasons.  But I couldn't help myself.

Baylor is #10 in the CFB Playoff Rankings released tonight, which are at the link below:

The reason this is important? It means we're not completely out of it.  Sure, we lost one of our three big chances to make a statement (and one of those chances is about to be less big, as I'll mention below), but guess what we gained?

THAT'S RIGHT, A QUALITY LOSS! Far from untested, unproven, and questioned as an undefeated team, Baylor is now tested, proven, and kinda less questioned but maybe not as a 1-loss team.  It's the perfect scenario!*

*Other than winning, I guess, but maybe not.

In other CFB Playoff Rankings news, our friends the TCU Horned Frogs managed to flip our script to lose by winning, dropping 3 spots to #18 due to their game against Kansas.  Long had the following to say:

As I mentioned on Twitter, I don't actually disagree with the sentiment here.  TCU didn't look good on Saturday.  But I'd be remiss not to mention that you could replace "TCU" with "Baylor" in the above tweet and it would still be completely true.  Sure, their loss to Oklahoma State was worse than ours (due to score and the way they looked), but the rest works, right?  That, combined with the fact that OU's loss to Texas in a neutral-site rivalry game is apparently unforgivable, while Alabama's at home to Ole Miss is already forgotten, is what I mean by logical consistency not being a thing anymore.**

**Also, I really hope that we're not setting up a situation where TCU loses to Oklahoma this weekend and falls out of the Top 25 altogether at 9-2.  That would be the PERFECT "F You" to the Big 12.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the Rankings tonight.  If you're curious what we need to have happen to get back in, it probably looks something like this, and I'm not mentioning Iowa or Ohio State because they'll probably play:
  1. Win out, emphatically.
  2. Ohio State wins out.
  3. ND loses to Stanford.
  4. OU loses to OSU.

You might include something about Alabama eviscerating Florida in there and/or winning out, or you could not.  Did I miss anything?