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Watching the Polls: Baylor Remains #2 After Bye Week

The Bears remain in the second spot in both the AP and Coaches polls after their final week off of the 2015 season.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

There were some absolutely crazy finishes on Saturday, replete with some near upsets, questionable clock management and play calling, and a game where officiating incompetence directly impacted the final score, and the conference has admitted as much. None of that had much impact on the upper echelon of the polls, however. Baylor remains the #2 team in both polls behind Ohio State, who was also off this week.

This is the final set of polls before the Selection Committee releases their first set of rankings on Tuesday. It's important to remember that regardless of where things shake out for the Bears on Tuesday, the Selection Committee looks only at what's happened thus far and not what's to come. Additionally, these rankings are somewhat meaningless, as the only ranking that matters is the final one after the last week of the season.

But I digress. Let's get to the polls, shall we?

AP Coaches S&P+ Massey
1 Ohio State (39) Ohio State (48) Clemson Clemson
2 Baylor (6) Baylor (9) Alabama Ohio State
3 Clemson (6) TCU (4) Michigan Alabama
4 LSU (5) LSU (1) Ohio State LSU
5 TCU (4) Clemson (2) Baylor TCU
6 Michigan State Michigan State LSU Notre Dame
7 Alabama (1) Alabama TCU Baylor
8 Notre Dame Stanford Oklahoma Michigan State
9 Stanford Notre Dame Notre Dame Iowa
10 Iowa Oklahoma State Florida Florida
11 Florida Iowa USC Stanford
12 Oklahoma State Florida Ole Miss Oklahoma
13 Utah Oklahoma West Virginia Utah
14 Oklahoma Utah Florida State Michigan
15 Memphis Florida State Wisconsin Oklahoma State
16 Michigan Memphis Iowa Memphis
17 Florida State Michigan Stanford Ole Miss
18 Houston Houston Washington USC
19 Ole Miss Ole Miss UCLA Florida State
20 Toledo Toledo Toledo Houston
21 North Carolina North Carolina Mississippi State Mississippi State
22 UCLA UCLA Tennessee Toledo
23 Temple Temple Michigan State Texas A&M
24 Mississippi State Texas A&M Utah Wisconsin
25 Texas A&M Mississippi State Duke North Carolina

There we have it. What do you think about this week's rankings? Let's have your thoughts in the comments.