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Baylor's Final Bye -- The Morning After -- Links, Notes, Tweets

Baylor's second bye week of the 2015 season has ended, and we've got 5 straight weeks of games to finish things out.

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Not a lot happened around these parts during the bye week, as Baylor Nation collected itself following Monday's terrible news and readied for the rest of the season.  But the CFB world at large didn't take off when Baylor did, and as usually happens, what looked like a very pedestrian week of games turned into anything but.

The Big News:

As we've discussed in previous weeks, we've got a clear Big 4 in the Big 12 ... and then everyone else.  Oklahoma detonated Kansas, as expected, and TCU whipped WVU on Thursday night.  But the biggest news came in Oklahoma State's win over Texas Tech in Lubbock yesterday afternoon.  After going down 17-0 to start the game with KK's boys in complete control, the Cowboys outscored the Red Raiders 70-36 the rest of the way.  Sure, that includes an interception return in the most garbage of garbage-time, but it was still a very impressive performance, the most impressive part of which was the way OSU managed to play two QBs, J.W. Walsh and Mason Rudolph, in complementary roles.  We absolutely CANNOT overlook that game in Stillwater in three weeks, and I'm confident that we won't, considering we haven't won there since around the same time Hitler invaded Poland.

Other Big 12 Thoughts:

  • Getting shut out by Iowa State with about 200 yards of total offense (77 of which came in a garbage time drive with Tyrone Swoopes) is about as low as it gets, Texas.  I don't understand how that team beat Oklahoma besides RIVALRY GAME, and I'm not sure I ever will.
  • Seriously, if you didn't watch that OSU-TT game, try to catch the No Huddle replay.  Despite Rudolph being The Guy, OSU is doing some really creative stuff to get Walsh involved, and it's working.  Or it worked against Tech, at least.
  • OU getting their running game going while Baker Mayfield is playing out of his mind is a serious concern.  Sterling Shepard will give us problems.
  • In case you forgot, our remaining schedule: @KSU (Thursday), vs. OU, @OSU, @TCU, vs. UT.  It's about to get lit, is what I'm saying.

Mark Seymour's Top 10

No major changes except for the fact that I'm not as much a believer in Stanford as I was, although Washington State is probably legitimately good.

Finishing out the Top 10 in some order:

I'm planning a piece on this for either tonight or tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday, at the latest), but Baylor fans need to come to terms with the fact that Baylor will not be in the Committee's first Top 4 released on Tuesday evening.  Because they rank on resume', not necessarily who are the best four teams, it's not going to happen.  My guess is that we'll see LSU, Clemson, Michigan State, and either Ohio State or Alabama.  Ohio State isn't a guarantee to be in there, either.


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Not a lot going for us today since we didn't actually play.


Have a good Sunday, everyone!