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Watching the Polls: Baylor Remains #2 in Coaches, AP Polls

Will Baylor be docked for a sloppy game (in a monsoon) and the loss of Seth? How far will Utah fall? Will TCU stop falling in the rankings? Let's find out!

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Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you all made it home safe from Homecoming. Boy, what a weekend in College Football it was. Georgia Tech finally gave Florida State the loss they have been begging for for the past few years (Oregon game notwithstanding). That wasn't even the only kick six of the day! Stanford, despite losing to Northwestern (who now look bad), are is looking like a Playoff-caliber team, Ohio State won (against Rutgers...), Clemson obliterated Miami, and Michigan State put on 24 points in the fourth quarter to make their game against Indiana look like more of a blowout than it really was. Oh, and Utah lost.

From the Mothership:

Coaches AP Massey
1 Ohio State (49) Ohio State (39) Clemson
2 Baylor (10) Baylor (7) Ohio State
3 TCU (2) Clemson (6) Alabama
4 LSU (1) LSU (5) LSU
5 Michigan State TCU (3) Baylor
6 Clemson (1) Michigan State TCU
7 Alabama Alabama (1) Notre Dame
8 Stanford Stanford Iowa
9 Notre Dame Notre Dame Oklahoma
10 Oklahoma State Iowa Stanford
11 Iowa Florida Michigan State
12 Florida Oklahoma State Utah
13 Oklahoma Utah Florida
14 Utah Oklahoma Michigan
15 Florida State Michigan Memphis
16 Memphis Memphis Oklahoma State
17 Michigan Florida State Florida State
18 Duke Houston Ole Miss
19 Houston Ole Miss USC
20 Toledo Toledo UCLA
21 Ole Miss Temple Texas A&M
22 Temple Duke Mississippi State
23 Georgia Pitt Houston
24 Pitt UCLA Toledo
25 UCLA Mississippi State Temple

Coaches Poll reactions: Baylor remains No. 2, which is not unexpected. The Big 12 has four teams in the Top 13 and three in the Top Ten though, which is huge. However, none of the other six teams in the conference are even receiving votes. TCU and Baylor both lost two first-place votes, which presumably went to Ohio State. Clemson remains at No. 6, which is unexpected. They Dominated (yes, the capital D was intentional) Miami while Michigan State struggled to put away Indiana. The Tigers will get theirs in due time, I believe. Utah plummeted to No. 14, Florida State to No. 15 after both teams lost yesterday. Houston is quietly moving up the ladder; they're at No. 19 now. A&M dropped out of the Top 25. Overall, not too many surprises with respect to Baylor and the Big 12. Just keep winning.

AP Poll reactions: Iowa over Oklahoma State? Okay... Utah is still pretty high. I agree with this Top Six a whole lot more than the Coaches' Top Six. Jon Wilner has Baylor at No. 9, Bama at No. 1; is still an idiot. Ole Miss at No. 19 is a bit high for my taste. FSU dropped like a rock. Ohio State is getting the lion's-share of the votes, but Baylor isn't that far behind. Baylor is still No. 2, is still in the picture for the Playoffs, is still undefeated. Sic 'em.