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Watching the Polls: Baylor Remains No. 2, Gains on Ohio State

Baylor played a good defense. Baylor put up 60+ points. What do the pollsters think of that?

You may recognize that handsome devil as ODB's own Connersaurusrex.
You may recognize that handsome devil as ODB's own Connersaurusrex.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Coaches AP S&P+ Massey
1 Ohio State (45) Ohio State (28) Clemson Utah
2 Baylor (12) Baylor (12) Michigan Ohio State
3 TCU (4) Utah (16) Alabama Clemson
4 Michigan State TCU (3) Baylor Alabama
5 LSU (1) LSU (1) Ohio State TCU
6 Clemson Clemson (1) TCU LSU
7 Utah (1) Michigan State Florida State Baylor
8 Alabama Alabama Oklahoma Iowa
9 Florida State Florida State West Virginia Florida
10 Notre Dame Stanford LSU Notre Dame
11 Stanford Notre Dame USC Michigan
12 Oklahoma State Iowa Notre Dame Florida State
13 Iowa Florida Duke Michigan State
14 Florida Oklahoma State Iowa Oklahoma
15 Oklahoma Texas A&M (T-15) Stanford Stanford
16 Texas A&M Michigan (T-15) Ole Miss Oklahoma State
17 Memphis (T-17) Oklahoma Florida Texas A&M
18 Michigan (T-17) Memphis Utah Cal
19 Cal Toledo Toledo Memphis
20 Toledo Cal Wisconsin Toledo
21 Duke Houson Western Kentucky Ole Miss
22 Houston Temple Navy Houston
23 Ole Miss Duke Appalachian State Mississippi State
24 Temple Ole Miss Illinois BYU
25 Georgia Pitt UCLA UCLA

After finally (maybe) figuring out their quarterback situation, the Buckeyes looked like a team somewhat deserving of a Top Ten ranking against Penn State. That didn't stop Baylor from gaining four first-place votes from the Fightin' Urban Meyers, though the Bears still trail by a healthy 33 first-place votes. TCU remain in the third slot after taking care of a fiesty Cylclones team in Ames and something happened in  Ann Arbor. You might have heard of it. Anyway, Michigan State come in a four with that win. Utah, again, are surprisingly low. I think that's partially because their games don't even start until the majority of America is in bed. The Big 12 has Oklahoma State quietly moving up to No. 12 from 15, and Oklahoma taking over the No. 15 slot after obliterating the Snydercats in Manhattan. The Temple Owls slide in to the rankings at No. 24 (Hootie Hoo!) and Georgia wrap up the Top 25 after an ugly, ugly, ugly, not really nice 6-9 win over Mizzou.

S&P+ is out and Baylor move up to fourth. That's more like it. Michigan are number two, which is probably the biggest surprise outside of West Virginia being number nine.

AP Poll is out. The Bears lost a first-place vote from last week, but gained in overall points. Now only 12 points behind the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Bears are slowly, but surely working their way up. With Iowa State next week, the Bears have a chance to set the record for most consecutive games with 60+ points. Let's do it.

Utah jump above TCU despite looking rather pedestrian for most of their game against Arizona State. I think the 14 points they tacked on at the end of that game helped them out with the voters who were already in bed when the game started. TCU finally avoided a narrow win (they shut ISU out in the last three quarters), but move down in the rankings again. Iowa, who have neither played anybody nor will play anybody are undefeated and at No. 12. The Big 12 gets Okie State and Oklahoma ranked at No. 14 and No. 17, respectively. I'm kind of surprised that A&M only dropped six spots, given how awful their offense looked. A nice surprise in the No. 18 slot is Memphis, who embarrassed the Rebels of Ole Miss this weekend. Ole Miss, by the way, are still ranked. Undefeated Temple are finally ranked and Houston keep on winning, climbing. Overall, there aren't too many surprises in this poll, in my opinion.