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A Typical McLane Pregame .gifs!

And by "pregame," I mean the time prior to a game. Duh.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hi y'all!

So I know it's been a LOOOOONG time since I've posted anything, but life has recently gotten really crazy!  The student organization I'm involved in also has us report to the stadium four hours (give or take) prior to the game, so I feel like I've gotten a pretty good feel for what happens before a game in that great jewel on the Brazos.  Thus, I present:

A Typical McLane Pregame .gifs!

When you show up to McLane at 9:30 in the morning and people are ACTUALLY OUT TAILGATING ALREADY.


And the only thing you can think of is getting coffee because while it is gameday, this school week really took it out of you.


Then, suddenly, a great Texas breeze sweeps over the Brazos and you realize that it's a great time to be alive and FOOTBALL IS COMING.

So you run around to all the tailgates with newfound energy, even though it's hotter'n an oven outside.


"Hi yes hello would you like to talk about Baylor Football?  Great, thanks!"

And you stumble upon the really neat sailgates, wishing you too could jump in the water, because it's just too hot outside.

When everyone lines up for the Bear Walk and you're fangirling on the inside because TGCAB IS HERE


Oh, look!  There's Seth!

And, wait a that...?  Yes, yes, it IS!

(PSA: The Sign comes to every Bear Walk, so look for one of these guys and a large rectangular posterboard!)

After the team is safely in McLane, business as usual resumes.


When the freshmen start congregating, you get #turnt because you know this insanity is about to ensue:

Then the team comes out to a FIRE TUNNEL

And after BUGWB plays "Texas, Our Texas," and the coin has been tossed, and the Bears line up for the first play of the game, you feel a huge sense of satisfaction, for you're in your happy place.

All in all,

Baylor is a pretty special place to be right now, from athletics to academics.  And that's pretty obvious from the smallest tailgate set up hours before kickoff, even if that means getting up before the sun.  Baylor we are, and Baylor we always will be.

Sic 'em.

Did I miss your favorite pre-game tradition? Leave a comment! :)

--XOXO, KimboSmash