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Baylor #7 in Final AP Ranking of the 2014/15 Season

That is the highest post-season ranking in school history.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Amid all the Way-Too-Early Top 25s for next season, the AP released their just-about-right postseason Top 25 for this one placing Baylor at #7 in all the land.

The full rankings courtesy of the mothership's post regarding same:

AP Coaches F/+ Massey composite
1 Ohio State
2 Oregon
4 Alabama
5 Michigan State (tie)
6 Florida State (tie)
7 Baylor
8 Georgia Tech
9 Georgia
11 Mississippi State
12 Arizona State
13 Wisconsin
14 Missouri
15 Clemson
16 Boise State
17 Ole Miss
18 Kansas State
19 Arizona
20 USC
21 Utah
22 Auburn
23 Marshall
24 Louisville
25 Memphis

Somewhat hilarious to me that we have a tie at #5 again in a relatively meaningless final poll, although I don't really buy it.  I'd take MSU over FSU right now, without question.

Check back at the link above for more information later.  I'm sure it will be updated soon, as will the chart embedded here.