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Baylor Injury Report: Senior WR Levi Norwood out 3 weeks for wrist surgery

I tell you what, the Baylor Bears should be pretty dang good a few weeks from now.

Ronald Martinez

So, this just happened:

That's on the heels of yesterday's news that Antwan Goodley, Devin Chafin, and Corey Coleman are all out at the moment, too.  I'm completely serious-- if you wanted a look at the 2015 Baylor Bears offense, you're probably getting it this week.

Today's news brings us to the following in terms of injuries:

  • QB Bryce Petty -- PROBABLY OUT -- He's not going to play.  Let's just move on from that.
  • WR Corey Coleman -- PROBABLY OUT -- Ditto.
  • WR Clay Fuller -- DEFINITELY OUT -- But we knew that already.
  • WR Levi Norwood -- DEFINITELY OUT -- Out "at least 3 weeks" puts him in the same return area as Fuller.
  • WR Antwan Goodley -- PROBABLY OUT -- As is my sense of childlike wonder.
  • RB Devin Chafin -- PROBABLY OUT -- bleh.
  • Our pets -- Their heads are falling off.

Laying it all out there-- Baylor is now down its 4 top returning receivers from last year, #2 RB, and preseason Heisman candidate at QB.  In their places, we'll play true freshmen Davion Hall, K.D. Cannon, and possibly Chris Platt, as well as backup QB Seth Russell.  At RB, we'll go with the three-headed monster of Rashodrick Linwood, Johnny Jefferson, and Silas Nacita.

My guess on punt returns is that you see either Cannon or Cal Spangler, who actually returned a punt this past week and is not, to my knowledge, yet injured.