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Week 6 Poll Watch: Baylor stays put at #6 in Coaches, #7 in AP

The release of the two major Week 6 polls has fully half of the Big 12 now in the Top 25, with Baylor firmly ensconced at #6 and #7, respectively.

David Purdy

Over on the mothership, they are once again tracking the major Top 25s in order to create a composite ranking.  Since they've gone to so much work to put it together, I'll go ahead and steal their chart for our own purposes.

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Florida State Oklahoma
3 Alabama Oklahoma Oregon
4 Oklahoma Oregon Auburn
5 Auburn Auburn Texas A&M
6 Texas A&M Baylor UCLA
7 Baylor Texas A&M Georgia
8 UCLA Notre Dame Baylor
9 Notre Dame UCLA Florida State
10 Michigan State Michigan State Stanford
11 Ole Miss Ole Miss Michigan State
12 Mississippi State Georgia Notre Dame
13 Georgia Stanford LSU
14 Stanford Mississippi State USC
15 LSU LSU Ole Miss
16 USC Wisconsin Wisconsin
17 Wisconsin Nebraska Ohio State
18 BYU Ohio State Kansas State
19 Nebraska BYU Florida
20 Ohio State USC Clemson
21 Oklahoma State East Carolina Oklahoma State
22 East Carolina Kansas State South Carolina
23 Kansas State Oklahoma State BYU
24 Missouri Arizona State Mississippi State
25 TCU TCU Texas

A couple of things worthy of note here:

First, I'm very pleased to see TCU make the Top 25 in both the Coaches and AP Polls at #25.  I highly doubt they win this week against Oklahoma (I originally didn't look at their schedule when publishing this post) but hope they can remain in somehow, regardless.  With them now in, the Big 12 has 5 ranked teams: OU (4/3), Baylor (7/6), Oklahoma State (21/23), Kansas State (23/22), and TCU (25/25).  Since we play everyone in our conference, that gives us four ranked games remaining this season, a healthy number.  I can make a good argument the Big 12 should have six (and Baylor, five) with West Virginia included, as well.

FSU fell out of the top spot in the Coaches Poll in favor of Alabama.  Honestly, the only reason FSU is even close in either poll to #1 is a concept I like to call "rankings inertia," the inability or unwillingness of pollsters to move teams that don't lose down except in the rarest of circumstances.  FSU is not the #1 team in the country.  I don't think they're even in the Top 4.  I don't think they're better than Baylor.  But there they sit to the AP because people are lazy and confirmation bias rampant.

If you're curious about my personal Top 10, I put it in the Morning After thread earlier today.  Check it out there.  For now, Baylor is waiting and watching as the teams ahead of us potentially take each other out in coming weeks before our big matchup on November 8.  Of course, to get there, we have to go through Texas, TCU, and West Virginia, so even that isn't guaranteed.