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Baylor remains #6 in Coaches, #7 in Week 5 AP Poll

There was some movement in this week's Coaches Poll but not much, as most of the favorites won close, entertaining games and several others fought off the bye week blues.

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Your Baylor Bears are the #6 team in the country again this week per the Amway Coaches Poll, which has us sitting Florida State, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Auburn, and ahead of A&M, Notre Dame, Michigan State, and UCLA.

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State Florida State Alabama
2 Oregon Alabama Oklahoma
3 Alabama Oklahoma Auburn
4 Oklahoma Oregon Oregon
5 Auburn Auburn Texas A&M
6 Texas A&M Baylor Georgia
7 Baylor Texas A&M Florida State
8 Notre Dame Notre Dame Baylor
9 Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State
10 Ole Miss UCLA LSU
11 UCLA Ole Miss UCLA
12 Georgia Arizona State Notre Dame
13 South Carolina Georgia Wisconsin
14 Mississippi State Stanford Stanford
15 Arizona State South Carolina Ole Miss
16 Stanford Mississippi State USC
17 LSU Wisconsin Ohio State
18 USC LSU Kansas State
19 Wisconsin Nebraska Clemson
20 BYU Ohio State Oklahoma State
21 Nebraska BYU South Carolina
22 Ohio State USC Florida
23 East Carolina Duke Mississippi State
24 Oklahoma State East Carolina Arizona State
25 Kansas State Kansas State BYU

I will update this post with the latest chart when we get the AP Poll around 1 PM CST this afternoon.  It should be noted that our Sagarin ranking jumped quite a bit, almost definitely because of schedule adjustments.  Go Northwestern State!

Also, though this chart does not include the actual values, Alabama has gained quite a bit on FSU based on the performances this weekend.  Keep that in mind.

Update: Added the AP Rankings