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Week 4 CFB and Baylor's First Bye -- The Morning After

Because the Bears didn't play this week, we don't have stats, highlights, game news, or anything else we typically do. But that won't stop me.

Vaughn Ridley

As  it typically happens, what looked like a pretty sleepy Saturday in Week 4 of the 2014 College Football Season turned into one where the #1 and #2 teams in the country both got pushed to the brink (FSU a lot closer than Oregon, obviously), Oklahoma wore down West Virginia in Morgantown with a true freshman RB, Alabama finally decided that playing "SEC defense" is for losers against Florida, and it's not even possible to tell you how much of a % increase in their season rushing yards A&M gave up to SMU without first taking an absolute value of the prior total (they gave up 102 to a team that had -14 going into the game).  Oh, and all that happened two days after a game in which I might suggest Kansas State intentionally lost to Auburn if I didn't know their coach is Bill Snyder and he would never do that.

So it was a good weekend, after all, even though Baylor didn't play.  Here's my new Top 10.

Mark Seymour's Top 10:

1. Oklahoma Sooners
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
3. Oregon Ducks
4. Florida State Seminoles
5. Baylor Bears
6. Texas A&M Aggies*
7. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
8. Michigan State Spartans
9. Mississippi State Bulldogs
10. Stanford Cardinal

*I wish I knew why this wouldn't autolink.  I swear it's not intentional.

That was much harder than I anticipated.  Once you get past #7 or so, you could make an argument for half a dozen teams to be included.  As much as I hated (and predicted) the reaction to Mississippi State beating the heck out of an overrated LSU team, it was an impressive performance.

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Tweets Tweets Tweets Tweets Tweets Tweets Tweets

This is for a game between two teams that already have a loss each and either should have lost in embarrassing fashion this week or did.

This tweet got a little traction last night, and I thought it was funny.

OH, BRYCE. OH, BRYCE, NO YOU DIDN'T. (yes, he did)

I still honestly cannot believe this actually happened.

Plenty of other Big 12 news this weekend, so be sure to check the Big 12 Conference hub on the first page.  It has within it a hub containing links to all of the SB Nation Big 12 sites and their football content.