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Injury Update -- Goodley, Coleman, Chafin, possibly Fuller returning for Iowa State

The Baylor offensive battlestation could take another step toward full operation next week in Ames as the Bears welcome back several offensive playmakers.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In this morning's Big 12 coaches conference call, Baylor's Art Briles dropped a bit of news everyone has been waiting to hear.  According to ESPN's Jake Trotter, Briles revealed that four of Baylor's injured offensive players could return against the Cyclones a week from Saturday.  Those players:

  • WR Antwan Goodley -- Started the game against SMU before leaving with an as-yet undisclosed quad injury.  Has not played since.  Reportedly close to playing this week before being ruled out in the middle of the week.
  • WR Corey Coleman -- Has not played this season due to hamstring issues that plagued him as a true freshman and again in fall camp.  Would slide right back into a starting role opposite Cannon, if he indeed returns.  Speaking of returns -- Coleman probably goes directly into the kick return spot when he's ready to play.
  • RB Devin Chafin -- Played against SMU and suffered a high ankle sprain that has kept him out since.  Reportedly will play against Iowa State and could bring an aspect to our offense we haven't seen yet with Shock Linwood and Johnny Jefferson getting the majority of the time with the first team.
  • WR Clay Fuller -- Broke his collarbone in the middle of Fall Camp and has not yet played this season.  His return is the only one left questionable by Briles, so don't write that down in stone.  We're still 11 days from the game, so a lot could change in the meantime.

One name you won't see here is Levi Norwood, who is still recovering from the surgery he had a week and a half ago on his wrist.  Look for him to come back against Texas the following week.

Getting these guys back will be almost an embarrassment of riches for a team already leading the country in points per game and total offense.  I'm particularly excited to have back Goodley and Chafin, since what they do in our offense can't really be replicated (yet) by anyone else.  I'm rewatching the game as we speak, and one thing we're missing right now is solid blocking from our WRs on the edge.  The young guys, while good overall, aren't exactly committed in that area yet.