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Baylor ranked #6 in Coaches, #7 in Week 4 AP Poll

The Bears continue their charge up the Coaches Poll with a jump from #8 to #6 after Friday night's resounding road win over Buffalo.

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Vaughn Ridley

Just one team separates the Baylor Bears and Oklahoma Sooners in the latest Coaches Poll, released a few minutes ago on  Coming off a huge road win over Buffalo, Baylor is the new #6, while Oklahoma somehow fell a spot even after beating Tennessee in somewhat dominant fashion.

The full AP/Coaches Polls with Sagarin along for good measure.

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State (37) Florida State (50) Oregon
2 Oregon (17) Alabama (1) Alabama
3 Alabama (1) Oregon (6) Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma (2) Oklahoma (4) Texas A&M
5 Auburn Auburn Auburn
6 Texas A&M (3) Baylor Georgia
7 Baylor Texas A&M Florida State
8 LSU LSU Michigan State
9 Notre Dame Notre Dame LSU
10 Ole Miss UCLA Wisconsin
11 Michigan State Michigan State Baylor
12 UCLA Ole Miss Notre Dame
13 Georgia Arizona State UCLA
14 South Carolina Georgia Kansas State
15 Arizona State Stanford Ole Miss
16 Stanford South Carolina South Carolina
17 USC Wisconsin Clemson
18 Missouri Ohio State Ohio State
19 Wisconsin Missouri USC
20 Kansas State Kansas State Stanford
21 BYU USC Florida
22 Clemson Nebraska Cincinnati
23 Ohio State BYU Oklahoma State
24 Nebraska Clemson Missouri
25 Oklahoma State North Carolina BYU

Somewhat surprised not to see Oklahoma State make the list here on the Coaches Poll, but my guess is that they are included in the "also receiving votes" category.

Also, before anyone says it: I fully understand that these polls have no determinative value in the era of the CFB Playoff.  I post them for a look at how the team is viewed nation-wide.  Also, I strongly believe that if you think they won't matter at all in the minds of individual committee members, you are fooling yourself.

UPDATE: The AP Poll has now been released, and Baylor is #7 there.