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Baylor Injury News -- WR Clay Fuller out 6-8 weeks

David Smoak confirmed reports this afternoon that WR Clay Fuller sustained a fractured clavicle in practice yesterday.

Ronald Martinez

The first bit of bad news from CampBU has come down, and Baylor will be without senior WR Clay Fuller for at least a handful of games this season due to a fractured clavicle.  David Smoak of ESPN1660 places his return between 6 and 8 weeks from now, meaning we could see him back, at the earliest, for the game in Ames against Iowa State. That timetable includes the bye week for 9/20.

Without the benefit of an official depth chart, which may or may not even exist this early in camp, it's hard to say just how much this will affect Baylor going forward.  It seems reasonable to say that Fuller was likely one of the top 4-5 options at IR/WR going into the season, so you're definitely losing something. Considering how easy our early schedule is before UT, though, we can't know how much.

My guess is that Fuller's absence in the camp practices themselves will mean more than actually not having him in games, since we have so many other options.  That could give an opportunity for one of the freshmen-- say K.D Cannon, perhaps -- to step up, or it could mean we see more of a guy like Lynx Hawthorne who has been here a while.  I'll be interested to see how things shake out tomorrow, since you imagine Fuller was likely to receive a few targets with the first or second team offense in the Meet the Bears scrimmage.

Best wishes to Clay in his recovery.  He's been through a lot to get this far, and I know he'll come back strong!