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#CampBU2014 Day One Quotes, Tweets, and Video

Baylor's 2014 preseason practices began in earnest today, and there is much to report.

I'm not sure I'll do full posts on these every day, but as long as the excitement is there for the start of camp and the news flowing from the twitterverse, sure. First thing's first, the #CampBU video from BaylorSESP (it's above). also has an article up with quotes from Coach Briles, Bryce Petty, Antwan Goodley, Rashodrick Linwood, Spencer Drango, Terrell Burt, Beau Blackshear, Bryce Hager, Levi Norwood, Orion Stewart, and Troy Baker.  Check it out.

From the Twitterverse (these will probably be out of order):

First, the man himself:

All right.

There's apparently a personal issue of some import going on here. It's not to the level of Javonte Magee a year ago, but his exclusion from the roster at this point is not an oversight.

Javonte Magee news makes me happy.

Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

There's quite a few more worth seeing, especially in the @BUFootball feed.  I think I got everything that related directly to practice.

Last one: