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Baylor Football Announces Complete Sellout of 2014 Home Schedule

Every seat in the inaugural season of McLane Stadium has been sold. Awesome job, Baylor Nation!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Before tonight, Baylor had a few hundred scattered tickets remaining for the final home game of the 2014 season against Kansas State. Now...

This is huge news for Baylor Nation in the first season at McLane Stadium.  Excitement is through the roof for the Baylor program, expectations are high, and now we know for sure that our defending Big 12 Champions will play in front of a sold out stadium in Waco for every home game.  That's on top of a Baylor record in season tickets sold this season with more than 28,000.

Hopefully we'll have an update later tonight from the Traditions Rally.  I'm already starting to see a lot of great pictures from the first exposure of most of the public to the Palace, and I couldn't be more excited.