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Former A&M transfer Ishmael Wilson receives NCAA waiver to play immediately for Baylor

No, that's not a unicorn you just saw. It's something nearly as rare: a waiver request from a Baylor player granted by the NCAA.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor's OL depth got a bit of a boost today, when it was announced that former A&M transfer OL Ishmael Wilson received a waiver from the NCAA to play immediately for the Bears.  John Werner of the Waco Trib had the story first on the Twitters.

While not a huge deal because Wilson isn't likely to start for the Bears at any point this season barring a ridiculous number of injuries, this is a welcome bit of news for Baylor's overall depth on the offensive line.  Wilson will now likely go into the rotation as a backup at either guard or right tackle, and though that probably won't mean much this year, it could pay dividends down the road.  Baylor could lose both starting tackles this season, and having a relatively seasoned Wilson around makes that loss easier to weather going forward.  My guess is that Wilson fits eventually at right tackle, where his 6-4, 295-pound frame (per the roster) will be put to good use.

As far as eligibility goes, Wilson will now be a redshirt freshman by both year and remaining playing time.  He'll have four years to play four after redshirting with A&M last season.

Great couple of days with the transfer news, right?  I'm not sure what Baylor's argument here was for why Wilson needed to transfer from A&M, but it must have worked, regardless.  I'm off to update the OL/TE charts again!