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ESPN names Bryce Petty the #7 player in CFB, #1 in the Big 12

Baylor finished the conference countdown with 2 of the top 3 and 4 of the top 10.

Ronald Martinez

Over the last week or so, the experts over at ESPN have been ranking the Top 100 players in CFB on the main page, and the Top 25 players in each major conference on the individual conference blogs.  I don't believe the two things have anything to do with each other in terms of formulation, meaning that you could make one list and not necessarily make another, but Baylor was well-represented, regardless.

Starting with the official ESPN #CFBRank Top 100, Baylor had the following:

#7 Bryce Petty

ESPN gave him an 8.84 ranking, good for seventh in the country behind Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, and Braxton Miller at the QB position.

Petty is the reigning Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year and led Baylor to its first Big 12 championship. But after throwing 33 touchdowns and just three interceptions in his first season as the starter, Petty is looking for more, such as a Heisman Trophy and a berth in the College Football Playoff.

#30 Antwan Goodley

He earned a 7.78 in ESPN's formulation.  Of note: KSU's Lockett was #47 on the Top 100, behind Goodley.

The Bears senior secured his spot on this list with 71 receptions for 1,339 yards and 13 touchdowns, averaging 18.9 yards per reception in 2013. The speed of an elite receiver and the physical style of a running back combine to make Goodley a defensive back's nightmare.

T-#91 Spencer Drango

Spencer made ESPN's Top 100, as well, earning a 6.56 in their calculations.  Before anyone asks, I have no idea how they work.

Don't know why Drango is on this list? Ask Bryce Petty. Or, better yet, ask Art Briles. The Bears' explosive offense took a clear step backward after Drango missed the final four games with a back injury. A healthy Drango is as important to Baylor's offense as Petty or Antwan Goodley.

You can view the full countdown here.  Be forewarned, I think Florida State's entire two-deep made the cut.  You think I'm kidding.

Big 12 Blog Top 25:

As I said above, this was a separate list from the ESPN Top 100.  Rather that cut and paste each blurb again, I'll just give you the five Baylor players who made the cut:

#1 Bryce Petty -- no surprise there. They said it was the easiest call they made.
#3 Antwan Goodley -- behind #2 Tyler Lockett in this one. 
#7 Shawn Oakman -- the first Baylor defender and third DE overall (or fourth, depending on how you classify Erik Striker).
#9 Spencer Drango -- the first OT on the list.
#19 Bryce Hager -- the third LB behind Striker and KU's Ben Heeney.

Pretty solid representation, including the best overall player and an outstanding 4 of the Top 10.  For the sake of comparison:

KSU -- 4 (2, 6, 13, 24)
UT -- 4 (5, 15, 18, 20)
OU -- 3 (4, 8, 12)
TT -- 3 (10, 11, 23)
TCU -- 2 (14, 17)
KU -- 1 (16)
WVU -- 1 (21)
ISU -- 1 (22)
OSU -- 1 (25)

See why I'm such a big believer in the Wildcats?