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Week 15 College Football Playoff Rankings -- Baylor #6

"Yay, it's Tuesday again!" -- Nobody.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

You guys know the drill by now.  I'll give you my prediction for the top whatever in the CFB Playoff rankings to be released tonight, then I'll admonish you not to get upset when TCU and/or Ohio State are above us, we won't be upset about the rankings themselves ...

And then Jeff Long will start talking and all hell will break loose.  You know it's going to happen.  I know it's going to happen.  Let's just try to make it through alive.

Top 4

1. Alabama Crimson Tide
2. Oregon Ducks
3. Florida State Seminoles
4. TCU Horned Frogs

On the Cusp

5. Ohio State Buckeyes
6. Baylor Bears

That's it.  Those are the six teams that can make it now unless people start losing all over the place.  So if you're a fan of someone who isn't listed above, you need to hope for some serious chaos (and ask yourself why you're here in the first place, unless you just like us?).  As for the rest, I'll be really interested to see where KSU and Wisconsin end up. Watch for that.

If you're wondering, I have us at 6 because I see the Committee taking a wait-and-see approach with tOSU in the wake of J.T. Barrett's injury.  Why make it seem like they are "punishing" a team for an injured player when they can just wait a week and do it should the Buckeyes not look so good against the Badgers?  Plus, it keeps their TCU-Baylor buffer intact, and they can deflect H2H stuff for another week while we're separated.

We're going to be #6 tonight.  It's going to happen.  Ok?  Ok.  As always, I'll update the post when we know more.