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Watching the Polls: Baylor jumps to #6 in Week 12 AP, Coaches Polls

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As expected, Baylor's dominant win over OU in Norman propelled them up to #6 in both the AP and Coaches Polls this week after sitting at #10 a week ago.

Brett Deering

When you blow out a team like Oklahoma in their place, people start to take notice.  This morning, that means the voters of the USA Today Coaches Poll, where the Bears jumped from #10 a week ago to #6 now, just behind #5 TCU.  I'm pretty happy with this position overall, even though I know probably a dozen of you are thinking "BUT THIS POLL DOESN'T EVEN MATTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR."

AP Coaches Computer composite
1 Mississippi State Mississippi State Alabama
2 Florida State Florida State Mississippi St
3 Oregon Alabama Auburn
4 Alabama Oregon Ole Miss
6 Baylor Baylor Oregon
7 Arizona State Ohio State Florida State
8 Ohio State Arizona State Baylor
9 Auburn Auburn Ohio State
10 Ole Miss Ole Miss Georgia
11 Nebraska Nebraska LSU
12 Michigan State Michigan State Arizona State
13 Kansas State Kansas State Kansas State
14 UCLA Georgia Michigan State
15 Notre Dame UCLA Nebraska
16 Georgia Notre Dame Oklahoma
17 Arizona Clemson UCLA
18 Clemson Arizona Clemson
19 Duke Duke Notre Dame
20 LSU LSU Marshall
21 Marshall Marshall Wisconsin
22 Wisconsin Wisconsin Texas A&M
23 Colorado State Georgia Tech Arizona State
24 Georgia Tech Oklahoma USC
25 Utah Colorado State Duke

The AP poll has been added, courtesy of the mothership's weekly composite top 25 post. As expected, Baylor is in identical position in both polls.

Thoughts?  Baylor aside, I find it pretty interesting that Alabama is above Oregon given the results from yesterday and recent weeks.  I know Oregon has had a lot of injury trouble and that may limit them going forward, but they beat a better team in Utah than Alabama did in LSU.  At least Utah is interested in scoring points.