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Watching the Polls: Baylor Jumps to #5 in the Week 13 AP Poll

Baylor's win, and TCU's bye, was apparently enough to push us upward in this week's AP Poll to #5, one point ahead of #6 TCU. We remain #6 in the Coaches Poll.

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Mrs. Seymour and I didn't get back to Tyler last night around 2:00 AM, so I'm just now getting around to putting together this week's Morning After post.  My apologies for the tardiness.

While you wait for that, the Coaches Poll ranking dropped a few minutes ago in a detestable slideshow format with our Bears still hanging tough at #6 in the land behind the same top 5 as a week ago.  In fact, the only real change ahead of us anywhere has FSU falling to #2 with Alabama the new #1.  I'll get you the full poll in this post as soon as it is available. Other Big 12 teams in the poll: TCU (#5), KSU (#11), and Oklahoma (#18).

More to come in a bit as we get the full rankings and see how the points shook out.  Baylor was only a handful of points behind #5 TCU a week ago, so I'm a bit surprised we didn't pass them given that we played this weekend and they didn't.

AP Coaches Massey composite
1 Florida State Alabama Alabama
2 Alabama Florida State Oregon
3 Oregon Oregon Mississippi State
4 Mississippi State Mississippi State TCU
5 Baylor TCU Georgia
6 TCU Baylor Florida State
7 Ohio State Ohio State Baylor
8 Georgia Michigan State Ohio State
9 UCLA Georgia Ole Miss
10 Michigan State UCLA UCLA
11 Kansas State Kansas State Auburn
12 Arizona Arizona Michigan State
13 Arizona State Arizona State Kansas State
14 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin
15 Auburn Georgia Tech Oklahoma
16 Georgia Tech Auburn Arizona
17 Missouri Missouri Missouri
18 Ole Miss Oklahoma Marshall
19 Marshall Ole Miss Georgia Tech
20 Oklahoma Marshall Arizona State
21 Colorado State Colorado State LSU
22 Minnesota Minnesota Arkansas
23 Clemson Louisville Louisville
24 Louisville Clemson Clemson
25 Boise State Boise State Nebraska

UPDATE:  Baylor has jumped to #5 in this week's AP Poll, one point ahead of #6 TCU.  Updated table coming shortly with the full rankings.