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Watching the Polls: Baylor #6 in Coaches, AP Polls

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Baylor holds steady at #6 in both the Coaches and AP Polls.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The latest Coaches Poll is out, and your Baylor Bears hold steady at number 6 overall. While possibly a little bit surprising, it shouldn't come as an overwhelming shock to the system, given that the poll is largely irrelevant except for whatever manner it's considered by the Playoff Selection Committee, if any. It's likely the coaches who vote in the poll didn't see anything but the outcome of the Kansas-TCU game and didn't give it a second thought. There's a lot of inertia in these rankings.

As usual, check out the full table below, including the Massey Rankings. These rankings come from the Mothership; check out the full post for more analysis. We've now got the AP poll, and Baylor holds steady at #6. Interestingly, they have 1,232 points, where #5 TCU has 1,237 points. It's entirely possible, if not probable, that a big win against Oklahoma State next weekend will cause us to jump TCU. Even more, the Bears are only 57 points behind Mississippi State for the #4 spot. The Bulldogs, who lost yesterday to Alabama, fell to #4 in the poll and square off against Vanderbilt next weekend. The gap between Baylor and #4 is slightly smaller than the gap between #6 Baylor and #7 Ohio State.

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The Full Polls

AP Coaches Massey composite
1 Florida State Florida State Alabama
2 Alabama Alabama Oregon
3 Oregon Oregon Ole Miss
4 Mississippi State Mississippi State Mississippi State
6 Baylor Baylor Florida State
7 Ohio State Ohio State Baylor
8 Ole Miss Ole Miss Ohio State
9 Georgia Michigan State Georgia
10 Michigan State Georgia Auburn
11 UCLA Kansas State UCLA
12 Kansas State UCLA Michigan State
13 Arizona State Arizona Kansas State
14 Wisconsin Arizona State Wisconsin
15 Arizona Wisconsin Oklahoma
16 Auburn Georgia Tech Arizona State
17 Georgia Tech Auburn Marshall
18 Marshall Marshall Georgia Tech
19 Missouri Nebraska Nebraska
20 Utah Missouri LSU
21 Nebraska Utah Arizona
22 Colorado State Oklahoma Missouri
23 Oklahoma Colorado State USC
24 USC USC Utah
25 Duke Duke Clemson