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Bye Week #3 -- THE MORNING AFTER -- Links, Notes, Tweets, Rankings

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Going into the last bye week of the season, you might have thought yesterday would be a relatively stress-free one where nothing really happened. OH BOY, WERE YOU WRONG.

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In case you weren't hanging around ODB yesterday, a day in which we had nearly 1400 comments in two open threads despite not even playing, a lot of good things happened for the Baylor Football program's chances at this year's CFB Playoff.  Let's start from the top:

Good Things That Happened Yesterday:

We'll take this chronologically using links provided by our good friends over at the mothership.

No. 8 Ohio State 31, No. 25 Minnesota 24

In this game, Ohio State won (albeit not in dominating fashion due to the fact that they were playing in what looked like a blizzard) against new #25 Minnesota, buoyer of TCU's playoff hopes and key cog in numerous playoff debates.  Ohio State's win should push Minnesota back out of the top 25, taking away what I'll call an independent Top 25 win for TCU (in that we can't have that win, too).  This was a good thing.

No. 4 TCU 34, Kansas 30

This was obviously the pièce de résistance of the day yesterday for Baylor fans.  After trailing for much of the game in hilarious fashion, TCU pulled out an ugly win on the road over the Jayhawks.  It may sound weird, but that's exactly what we needed them to do.  One of the things we have to do going forward is hold off Ohio State, presumed B1G Champion.  We need TCU to be ranked as highly as possible, though below us, to do so.  Winning ugly against a bad Kansas team knocks out a lot of the "eye test" BS we were hearing but doesn't give them a loss.  This was a very good thing.

No. 5 Alabama 25, No. 1 Mississippi State 20

Not such a good thing since I think Mississippi State's garbage TD late might be enough to keep them in the #4 spot of the CFB Playoff.  Would have been much better at 32-13 or the like for us. Still, MSU didn't look all that good in this game and may yet lose another, plus, should Bama win out, MSU won't get the opportunity to win the SEC Championship game, a potentially important factor.

Oregon State 35, No. 6 Arizona State 27

Knocks another team out from on front of us in the CFP rankings with their second loss.  Unequivocally good, though ASU never should have been that high to begin with.  They were a pretender the entire time.

Oklahoma 42, Texas Tech 30

It took them longer than expected to get going, but Oklahoma ended up doing what we needed them to do and should be back in the Top 25 this coming week.  That's good for us because it gives us our second T25 win and gets our game against them (the 48-14 win) back in the minds of the committee.

I wish I could have put FSU's loss on this list, but alas, they managed to win again despite being down 15+ at one point.  They're going to get to the Playoff and get destroyed by a team much better than they are.  I also thought about throwing in UT's win at OSU as a good thing simply because it seems like UT is peaking and could easily beat TCU, granting them some T25 buzz that could eventually help us out.

If I'm totally brain-farting on a game that helped us out yesterday, let me know in the comments.

Mark Seymour's Rankings

I'm going to do this a couple of different ways.  First, my Top 4 were I a one-man playoff committee.  Then what I think the Committee itself will do.

Seymour's Top 4:

1. Oregon Ducks
2. Alabama Crimson Tide
3. Baylor Bears
4. Ohio State Buckeyes

5. Mississippi State Bulldogs
6. Florida State Seminoles

The Committee's Top 4 (I'm guessing):

1. Oregon
2. Alabama
3. Florida State
4. Mississippi State

5. Ohio State
6. Baylor

Don't kill the messenger; that's just how I see it ending up.  Feel free to disagree.  As always, we will post the actual Coaches and AP Polls when they come out starting in about half an hour.  If we don't, you can see them on the Mothership's Composite Rankings if/when those become available.


Speaking of the Mothership-- we'll start there:

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I don't really have that many links, sorry.  When you don't actually play, things get a little sparse.


There are more I could put in here, but I'll end with this: