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Who To Root For: Week Twelve

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There are numerous games throughout the day today that impact your Baylor Bears. Who are we to root for?

Brett Deering

If Baylor wins out, they deserve to be in the College Football Playoffs. As ridiculous as this entire thing is, Baylor still might need some help to get into that final four. Here's who you as a Baylor fan need to root for in order to help our boys in Green and Gold.

No. 1 Mississippi State at No. 5 Alabama

2:30 CST on CBS

As it stands right now, the best chance for only one SEC team to make the playoffs is for Mississippi State to win this game and win by a good margin. Should Bama win, you know sEcSPN will be completely ignoring the fact that Miss State has an OOC schedule that makes Baylor's look strong and claim that they only only have one loss in the mighty SEC West. There are a ton of scenarios of what could happen in the SEC West in the coming weeks, but the Bulldogs winning today should knock Bama out of contention barring craziness.


No. 3 Florida State at Miami

7:00 CST on ABC/WatchESPN

If you need help figuring out who to root for here, well...

I don't know what Miami's saying is. Go U?

No. 4 TCU at Kansas

2:00 CST on FS1

In all likelihood, TCU losing this game would mean that no Big 12 team made the playoffs. The best scenario is probably TCU losing at Texas on Thanksgiving. That being said, Kansas winning this game would be delicious and there's no way Baylor fans are rooting for their little brothers.

Rock Chalk

No. 6 Arizona State at Oregon State

9:45 CST on ESPN/WatchESPN

Let down game alert! Arizona State is coming off a huge win over hugely overrated Notre Dame and has to travel a long ways to Corvallis, Oregon where the weather is a balmy 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sun Devils are absolutely the better team, but a Beaver win would be great for Baylor.

Gnaw 'em?

No. 8 Ohio State at No. 25* Minnesota

11:00 CST on ABC/WatchESPN

Baylor needs Ohio State to win this game. TCU is getting credit for beating a mediocre Minnesota team (which is utterly ridiculous) and the Committee has saw fit to slide Minnesota into the Top 25 rankings, despite the fact that no other poll has them in the Top 25. But I digress. TCU has hung their hat on Minnesota, so Minnesota needs to crash and crash hard. Even with a win, I don't think tOSU has the resume to jump Baylor.

Go Buckeyes.

There you have it. Do you disagree with any of the assessments? Post below in the comments!

TL;DR Version

Root for Mississippi State, Miami, Kansas, Oregon State, and Ohio State.