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Watching the Polls: Baylor Moves Up to 12 in Coaches Poll, Holds Steady in AP

The final slate of polls before the College Football Playoff Rankings are released on Tuesday. Baylor moves up in the Coaches, holds steady in the AP.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, the Mothership updated a Composite Top 25 post for us to enjoy. In the Coaches Poll, your Baylor Bears moved up to the 12 spot, just behind TCU and Kansas State, who take the 10 and 11 spots in both polls, respectively. Only two teams in the Top 25 lost yesterday, one of which was a big one in Ole Miss falling to LSU. Ole Miss dropped to 9 in the Coaches poll, while the AP was slightly more forgiving at number 7.

Here's both complete Top  25 polls, as well as the Massey ranking:

Coaches AP Massey
1 Mississippi State Mississippi State Alabama
2 Florida State Florida State Ole Miss
3 Alabama Alabama Mississippi State
4 Auburn Auburn Auburn
5 Michigan State Oregon Florida State
6 Oregon Notre Dame Georgia
7 Notre Dame Ole Miss Oregon
8 Georgia Michigan State LSU
9 Ole Miss Georgia Kansas State
11 Kansas State Kansas State Michigan State
12 Baylor Baylor Oklahoma
13 Ohio State Ohio State Arizona State
14 Arizona State Arizona Baylor
15 Arizona Arizona State Notre Dame
16 Nebraska LSU Clemson
17 LSU Nebraska Nebraska
18 Utah Utah Texas A&M
19 East Carolina Oklahoma West Virginia
20 Oklahoma West Virginia Arizona
21 Clemson East Carolina Ohio State
22 West Virginia Clemson UCLA
23 Marshall Marshall Missouri
24 Duke Duke Utah

I'd imagine that there will be some frustration amongst the regulars of this board and throughout Baylor Nation on account of being ranked just behind TCU, a team that Baylor beat just two weeks ago. Personally, I don't take issue with our placement behind the Horned Frogs. In fact, I agree with Mark's take in the Morning After post that both TCU and Kansas State are ranked too low. Both teams are looking very strong right now and deserve to be higher. In my opinion, they certainly both deserve to be placed above Ole Miss, who lost to an unimpressive LSU team 10-7 last night.

College Football Playoff Rankings This Week

One important note is that the polling landscape may change forever this week with the Selection Committee's Top 25 Rankings coming out on Tuesday. The Committee is slated to meet in Dallas for the next two days, and the Committee's first-ever rankings will be released on ESPN live on Tuesday evening at 6:30p.m. CDT. It will be interesting to see how the ranking compares to both the AP and Coaches Polls. This week we'll begin to see just how much the Selection Committee follows what came before, and possibly even how much they listen to hype and pageantry. You know we'll have analysis and breakdown of the rankings come Tuesday evening.