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MRI Confirms: ACL Tear Ends Troy Baker's College Career

The Waco Trib confirms the sad news we all expected after Saturday: Troy Baker's college career is over.

Vaughn Ridley

The Waco Tribune-Herald is reporting that Troy Baker's college football days are over as an MRI confirmed what everyone suspected: Baker's anterior cruciate ligament was torn during Saturday's 41-27 loss to West Virginia. The Trib tweeted out the following:

This is the second time that Baker suffered an ACL tear, with the first occurring during Spring drills in 2013. He joins Desmine Hilliard as the second lineman on the right side to go down with injury. According to Briles' Big 12 press conference earlier today, Pat Colbert will get the opportunity to win the job during the bye week.

This is sad news for Baker, and we wish him a speedy recovery.