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Baylor Bears in the Fiesta Bowl? Why not, says's Stewart Mandel.

In his latest on, Stewart Mandel asks what might become the most common refrain about the 2013 Baylor Bears-- Why not? -- in projecting them to win the Big 12 after Week 2.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I mentioned this on twitter and got a pretty good response, but I wanted to make sure Baylor Nation saw the latest BCS projections from's Stewart Mandel.  I'll copy and paste.

Title game: Alabama vs. Stanford
Rose: Ohio State vs. Oregon
Fiesta: Baylor vs. Louisville
Sugar: LSU vs. Clemson
Orange: Florida State vs. Michigan

You see it, right?  Right there in the middle.  Yeah.  That's Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl against Louisville and their Heisman hopeful in Teddy Bridgewater.  It gets better...

Behold the Baylor Bears. While most of their Big 12 compatriots have struggled thus far on offense (most notably Oklahoma, which scored 17 points and completed less than 50 percent of its passes against West Virginia), Baylor has scored 69 and 70 points, respectively, in its first two games. Against Buffalo on Saturday, it hung 56 points in the first half. Quarterback Bryce Petty averaged 26.0 yards per completion and running back Lache Seastrunk averaged 8.8 yards per carry. Baylor, Big 12 champs? Why not?

Behold the Baylor Bears ... Yeah, I like that quite a bit.  Next time you're in Waco, Mr. Mandel, drinks are on ODB.

Assume the Bryce Petty we're seeing is the Petty we're going to get.  Now look at the Big 12 as currently contructed, and project our offense out a bit, averaging as we are 47 points in the first half.  We've scored 28 points in 4 of the 8 quarters we've played, and that's with our starters leaving at the beginning of each third quarter.  This team isn't efficient so much as it is rewriting the way we define efficiency.

Why not Baylor?