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The Tarp is COMING OFF for Baylor vs. UT ... and other notes

Quite a few bits of news coming down on twitter in the last few minutes, including the official word that the endzone Tarp, the subject of so much scorn from and against the Baylor community, will be coming off for the Baylor vs. UT game.

Sarah Glenn

Wahoo!  A few minutes ago, Baylor AD Ian McCaw confirmed officially that the endzone tarp will be coming off for the Baylor vs. UT game, a sign that the game is either close to selling out or already has.  That game will, of course, be the final contest in the storied history of Floyd Casey Stadium, and Baylor has made selling it out a priority.

A few other things you might want to know courtesy of ESPN 1660's Craig Smoak...

And more about the new stadium...

Finally... (I saved this for last because I thought people might like to hear it...)

All right.  We're headed back out to the Magic Kingdom, so you guys have fun!  Oh, and if you haven't already, buy tickets to the West Virginia game, if you can!

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