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Baylor Drubs ULM in gifs!

Since Mark is driving to Disney World and I'm not sure what Ted is up to, this week's gifs come care of me. Join my gifiesta, and get ready for the ride of your last 30 minutes!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Soooo, much like Mark last week, I tried to post this earlier, and it was an awful disaster. Much respect to Ted who is apparently much brighter than I am. Here we go! Gifs of Baylor's absolute drubbing of yet another opponent!

The ODB community for thirteen days while waiting for another Baylor game:


Hearing nothing except "Alabama" and "Johnny Manziel" from major sports outlets for those thirteen days:


Mr. Manziel thirty years from now, staring at himself in the mirror and trying to relive the "good old days":


Me, waiting for the game to start in front of the TV... two hours before kickoff:

What Bryce Petty must feel driving this crazy Baylor offense:


Wait... our defense scored as much as our offense early in the game?


When you come back from getting more chips and find that Baylor has scored again. TWICE:


Baylor hangs 35 on them in the first quarter:


What opposing players must feel when Shawn Oakman hits them:

When our defense lost the shutout.

The fatalistic Baylor fan in me when I heard rumors of an injury depleted D-line earlier in the week:

When the defensive line played well anyway with two true freshmen:

Everyone else in the world after Baylor's easy non-conference schedule:


Baylor fans to everyone else - "Started from the bottom now we here!"


Add your own in the comments!

UPDATE: The MCM Special-- My reactions to the entire season so far. The first is my outside look, an understated happiness and confidence that can't be bought.  The second is the inside.