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Single-Game Tickets Sold Out for Baylor vs. Texas

On December 7, 2013, the Baylor Bears will play the Texas Longhorns in the final game of Floyd Casey Stadium's illustrious career. And they'll do it with Baylor Nation at their backs, the single-game tickets for the contest having sold out today.

Sarah Glenn

A little while ago, Baylor made all of the single-game tickets for the December 7 game between Baylor and Texas available solely to to Baylor season ticket holders, in an effort to keep the legions of UT fans that normally descend on Waco out for the last game in Floyd Casey history. That effort looks to have worked, as Baylor Athletic Director Ian McCaw announced via twitter that all single-game tickets have sold out:

The potential benefit of this move is two-fold: 1) you keep opposing fans out by limiting their access, and 2) season ticket sales increase among our own fans, as they realize the best option for getting the seats they want is to just buy a season ticket. We've already set a new record for season tickets going into this year, now we can pad it. Hopefully, the Baylor fans purchasing the single-game tickets will either use them or give them to other Baylor fans, eschewing the chance to sell those tickets on the secondary market to UT fans looking for better seats than are in the visitor's allotment.

No matter what eventually happens, this kind of effort makes it more likely, at the very least, that more Baylor fans will be in attendance by making it more difficult for UT fans to get tickets. I'm always going to be happy about that. Now, the team just has to go win a bunch of games to really up the level of excitement for that game. Can you imagine if GameDay showed up for the last game in FCS history? (I haven't looked at who else is playing that weekend, before you ask. It's just an exciting hypothetical.)