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Baylor Puts 2 on ESPN's 2013 Preseason All-American Team

All-Everything OG Cyril Richardson and sensational RB Lache Seastrunk were honored today with inclusion in ESPN's 2013 Preseason All-American Team.


Just a few minutes ago, ESPN unveiled their preseason All-American team for the 2013 CFB season.  For the first time in a long time, perhaps in our entire history, Baylor has two names on the list in RB Lache Seastrunk and OG Cyril Richardson.  Richardson was expected; he made the teams for SB Nation and Sports Illustrated and seems to be a consensus pick across the board.  Seastrunk is a bit more surprising, since he had to make it over a host of other qualified players, including Alabama's T.J. Yeldon and Arizona's Ka'Deem Carey.

People are going to respond to this kind of list and say that it doesn't matter.  There's a bit of truth to that.  Still, we're not at the point where this kind of positive attention is commonplace, yet, so I'm going to celebrate it.  Plus, it's worth mentioning because of who isn't on the list, particularly at QB.  I won't spoil it for you by saying.

Before you get too happy with ESPN, there's another list where the entire Big 12 was shut out -- the 2013 Freshman All-American team.  It's insider-protected, know that going in, but nobody from our conference made it on the list, including Robbie Rhodes.  Have to think that one is going to come back at you, ESPN.

Congratulations to Lache and Cyril!

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