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5 of 8 CBSSports Experts Put Baylor in the Preseason Top 25

I felt like this deserved its own thread, since there are 8 of them, and we were as high as 12th on one ballot. That's not a typo, 12th.

Yes, this pleases Cyril.  This pleases him greatly.
Yes, this pleases Cyril. This pleases him greatly.

Bruce Feldman at CBSSports tweeted a link to his and the rest of his colleagues' preseason top 25 rankings.  I clicked on it expecting that Feldman put us in the Top 25 because he and Baylor have a semi-passionate relationship spanning a few years now that we don't really talk about much but both sides appreciate.  My plan was to fanshot the link and shoot him a mention thanking him for the consideration.  I was not expecting for his ranking of Baylor -- 16th -- to be only the third-highest on the list behind Jerry Hinnen and Chip Patterson, who ranked Baylor 14th and 12th, respectively.

Chip Patterson, I do believe that you and I could be very good friends.  I'd like to buy you a Dr. Pepper float sometime (just kidding, they're free at Dr. Pepper hour!).  It's not cheating, Bruce, so don't look at me that way.  I'm just making new friends over here, exactly like we talked about!

Anyway, check out the link for CBS's rankings.  5 of the 8 experts on the list put us in the top 25, so I will assume those 5 are the ones who actually know what they're talking about.  It's a shame, too, since I follow Tom Fornelli on twitter and he seems so nice.