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The Last Bye Week, in .GIFs!

We are all so incredibly thankful that these are finally behind us. Bye weeks are the worst.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

So you have probably been spending a little too much time watching Baylor Highlights, Hype videos (I'm sorry) and Bryce Petty selfies in the last week and a half and you are starting to run out of options. And it's terrible. You probably even watched a cat video with the expectation that it would put on long sleeves, wear an odd fitting hat and speak like every football coach in a movie ever. Never fear! I have provided you with Baylor Nation's reactions to the bye week to get you by another 5 minutes or so without Baylor football.

When the entire GameDay crew picked Baylor to beat OU on Thursday

When we made a North Korea reference on Our Daily Podcast

You heard an OU fan say "they're just Baylor after all"

When you find some new weird statistic that Baylor is dominating the country in while surfing the web at Common Grounds.

You on Thursday morning.

If someone were to ask you, "Would you rather have Christmas presents or a Baylor win vs. Oklahoma."

OU fans reading our blogs, tweets, facebook statuses, etc.

All of you who predicted this 7-0 start

When you woke up on Saturday and realized Baylor wasn't playing again.

When you found out OU was wearing all white to offset our blackout.

Mack Brown to Texas fans with every win.

How we all feel about Sooner Magic coming to Waco.

All of us, all day on Thursday leading up to the game.

TCU fans stuck in football conversations.

Our Chrome Gold Helmet's perspective

What happens if you forget to dress in black head to toe on Thursday.

Post your reactions in the comments!