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Tuesday Night Poll/Discussion: The Most Impressive Bear of 2013

Are you a huge fan of Bryce Petty? Or did Shawn Oakman's Lebron-playing-football visage catch your fancy? What about Lache Seastrunk or Shock Linwood? Let's hear it: Who has impressed you most in 2013 relative to your expectations?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This question is purposefully open-ended, equal parts A) I couldn't figure out a better way to do things and B) I wanted to give people room inside the prompt.

What I'm looking for, generally, is which Baylor Bear has been the most impressive this season, in your eyes, relative to what you expected them to do. It could be Bryce Petty, who has thrown for 1348 yards in 4 games en route to leading the country in passing efficiency. It could be Lache Seastrunk, who despite ranking somewhere in the 50s in terms of actual rushing attempts is 2nd in the country in yards per game. Or maybe it's one of our dynamic receivers, Antwan Goodley perhaps, and you just love seeing them streak into the endzone.

I don't know, but you do. Below is a poll of every player I can think of who might qualify for the title of Most Impressive Bear (so far) in 2013. If there's someone you want added, let me know. Otherwise, share your thoughts in the comments and let's get going.